Selena Gomez feat Cardi B and Ozuna : Taki Taki, the clip caliente DJ Snake unveiled in the Cluster by 2018 (VIDEO)

Selena Gomez feat Cardi B et Ozuna : Taki Taki, le clip caliente de DJ Snake dévoilé durant les AMAs 2018 (VIDÉO)

The clip caliente “Taki Taki” was unveiled during the ceremony of American Music Awards 2018 and now you can watch the video on melty.

A few days ago, DJ Snake released “Taki Taki”, her collaboration with Selena Gomez, Cardi B and Ozuna. After teasé many times this sound that still feels good summer, the four superstars were seized by platforms of streaming and legal downloads to climb the charts. But to hit even harder, DJ Snake has decided to reveal the clip very caliente at the American Music Awards 2018 , which took place on 9 October at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles. A nice surprise for the fans, who are already many of you have watched the video uploaded on YouTube.

While you can relive the ceremony of American Music Awards 2018 melty, it’s time to up the sound while watching the clip “Taki Taki”, which allows each one to shine. Ozuna opened the ball in a very sexy, with pretty girls and a big car. The queen Cardi B takes over with a wild dance before leaving the place with Selena Gomez, more hot than ever with a whole green apple and suggestive poses. The plans of the group come to bring rhythm to the set, even if the lyrics and the melody are already doing most of the work. It is valid 100% this clip, which is expected to see a new rebound within the rankings around the world.