Selena Gomez finally released from the psychiatric hospital one month after his hospitalization for emotional disorders !

Selena Gomez is back after a month in a psychiatric hospital where she had been interned for emotional disorders. It seems the singer gets better as it comes out !

She is finally back ! While the tattoo artist of Selena Gomez was confiding on his condition prior to his hospitalization, it seems that the singer will go much better. After having been interned in a psychiatric hospital for a month for emotional disorders, it has just recently come out. According to the dailymail, Selena Gomez has received a treatment that consisted of a “dialectical behaviour therapy” or “therapy that treats various disorders of mental health”. A source confided : “Selena was released just a few days after his internment, but it is, unfortunately, quickly returned due to its rate of blood cells was very low”.

Selena Gomez sort enfin de l'hôpital psychiatrique un mois après son hospitalisation pour troubles émotionnels  !

The source continues : “After she was admitted the second time, she asked to go home, but the doctors were against, which has caused “a crisis”. She tried to rip the iv from his arm. As a result of which we have diagnosed as “a person with depression emotional”. For much of his depression was related to the wedding blitz of Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin. But the two exs seem to be still very connected. Justin had appeared devastated following the hospitalization of Selena. And now it is Selena Gomez who is very concerned for Justin Bieber after he appeared in tears !