Selena Gomez has she already forgotten about Justin Bieber ? The index that proves it ! (VIDEO)

Selena Gomez a-t-elle déjà oublié Justin Bieber ? L'indice qui le prouve ! (VIDEO)

While Selena Gomez seems to be perfectly flourished for some time, the singer has she already forgotten about Justin Bieber ? Here’s the clue that proves it !

A tour page ? Well, yes, the meltynautes, if a lot of tabloids to believe that the pretty brunette lives in moments of difficult since her ex has decided to marry another woman, it is clear that she has never looked more radiant. While the beginning of’ melty offered you to discover if you were an expert on the life of Selena Gomez since her break up with Justin Bieber, the young woman may well have drawn a line final on their relationship. Indeed, while it lent itself to a set of questions/answers with his fans during a live on Instagram, a user asked him “how do I forget someone ?” And it is without hesitation that Selena Gomez has said :

“You can never really forget someone. It is especially necessary to ask why we continue to cling to this person. Is it that you really want to forget about this person ? I think that is where you must begin. Ask yourself why you need to forget about this person. Does it hurt you ? And if this is the case then this may not be healthy to regain to it or to rethink because this is not good for you. But sometimes, this is not good to try to forget. Sometimes, remembering can help you regain something that you need.” Advice that she even applied ? In the meantime, Selena Gomez shines on Instagram.