Sergey Pritula originally told about your vacation

Сергей Притула оригинально рассказал о своем отпуске

Leading New channel Sergei Pritula posted a video to its official statement in which he parodied a Christmas promise Vladimir Zelensky to go for the presidency.

Video available in Facebook account of a showman, says the

“Dear Ukrainians, here come a new one, 2019, with whom I heartily congratulate, — said Sergey Prytula. — The new year was marked by the fact that all running for the presidential candidates — And thousands of you wrote to me: “Sergey, go!”. And today I want to promise you immediately to fulfill that promise. I promise you that my team and I — we’re… on vacation”.

Recall, for a few minutes before the New year, the actor and Director of the Studio “Quarter-95” Vladimir Zelensky said the decision to stand in presidents of Ukraine on elections of 2019.