Several amusement parks have reopened across the country

Plusieurs parcs d’attractions ont rouvert à travers le pays

Plusieurs parcs d’attractions ont rouvert à travers le pays

The Round opened its doors Saturday and Sunday for the first.


July 26, 2020 16h43


Several amusement parks have reopened across the country

Tara Deschamps

The Canadian Press

The Québécois, who dive to 51 meters of the Goliath was missing, can rejoice.

These roller-coasters are part of the more than 40 rides that have been delivered into service during the weekend of the reopening of The Round. It has been delayed for several months because of the COVID-19.

But the amusement park and some others in the country look quite different. Operators have adopted a series of measures intended to ensure the safety of customers.

“Previously, there were thousands and thousands of people who strolled, to huge queues and all that. However, this is not what you will see when arriving to The Round,” said the spokesperson Karina Thevenin.

The Round opened its doors Saturday and Sunday for the first. It will be open again on Friday. The 1st and 2nd of August will be reserved for holders of a subscription. Then, it will open to the general public.

The amusement park has put in place a new system of online booking which should help limit the capacity and to stagger the start times, so that customers can easily move in the respect of the rule of distancing physical.

At their arrival, guests are invited to don a mask and go through a thermal imaging system that will measure the body temperature. All those who will be likely to show symptoms of the COVID-19 will not be admitted.

While waiting in line for the rides, the thrill seekers will see markers on the ground to help them to keep a distance of two metres from its neighbours. The number of seats on the rides will also be limited.

If the amusement park Fuji-Q Highland, located near Tokyo, has asked for customers to ‘ yell in their heart,” Ms. Thevenin is said that those of the Round are free to make as much noise as they want, as long as they wear a cover face.

“I tried a roller coaster with a mask and it works very well,” she says. I cried out of a good heart.”

During this time, Calaway Park, an amusement park located in Calgary, has closed six rides at high speed in order to stop the spread of droplets, causing the spread of the virus.

Six other rides require guests to wear a mask, ” said general manager Bob Williams.

Calaway Park cleans up the rides after each cycle. The workers must wear masks and some of them, of facial displays. His measures were taken after consultation with public health officials, and consulting other amusement parks, though few of them have re-opened in Canada.

Canada’s Wonderland, located just outside of Toronto in Vaughan, and Galaxyland in Edmonton, remain closed.

Plusieurs parcs d’attractions ont rouvert à travers le pays

Playland amusement park, Vancouver

The canadian Press

In l’île-du-Prince-Édouard, the amusement park Sandspit is open since 26 June. Precautions have been increased. “We have an approach like cooking a barbecue. We start at a low temperature and go up slowly,” said the president of Maritime Fun Group, the operator of the park, Matthew Jelley.

The park is only about 15 % of its capacity, but it took at least 10 days to be able to attract as many visitors, he reported.

Customers must now pay an entrance fee. Previously, they only paid for the rides visited. According to Mr Jelley, it was a difficult choice, but necessary, because the park must pay its expenses throughout the year.

It is that reality that Shelley Frost, director-general of the Pacific North Exhibition, the operator of the Playland, in Vancouver, knows well.

The park has not been able to accommodate parties of end of school or graduation. He had to open on the 17th of July, much later than usual.

“We do about $ 60 million a year for the fair and the concerts and the festivals presented throughout the year. We have already suffered a loss confirmed of approximately $ 52 million. We had to make several layoffs and adopt austerity measures,” said Ms. Frost.

The park has not yet reached its full capacity, even reduced, but the customers come back little by little. Some of the large rides will be accessible, but Mrs. Frost preferred to warn the teenagers that they are letting their expectations muted.

“We are very excited to be able to be a small glimmer of hope for a return to normal, but we are very conscious of the fact that people are very different in terms of different degrees of comfort.”

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