Several customers of a bar in the Dix30 contaminated with the coronavirus

Plusieurs clients d’un bar du Dix30 contaminés par le coronavirus

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The director of public health, Montérégie recalled the importance of respecting the prevention instruction in all the shops and public places.

Several customers who have spent a night at the Mile Public House in quartier Dix30, in Brossard, have received a positive diagnosis at the COVID-19. The public health invites any person who has frequented the establishment on June 30 to undergo a screening test.

In a statement released Sunday, the public health department of the Montérégie states that affected customers were present inside and on the terrace, between 20: 00 and closing at 3 p.m.

Any person who was at the Mile Public House, on the 30th of June, is invited to make an appointment for a screening test. Just call the 1-877-644-4545 or the 450 644-4545.

The director of public health in the Montérégie, Dr. Julie Loslier, did not want to give interview on this matter. It has, however, issued a video online to remind the importance of respecting the prevention instruction in all the shops and public places.

“It would be a mistake to think that this settlement-there is more risk or is more dangerous than another. This is not the case at all, ” insists Dr. Loslier at the beginning of the video.


The regional director explained that the bar referred to by the outbreak was identified because” we have a job of public health “, but that this kind of transmission can occur in any business.

It also emphasises that the management of the establishment of the quartier Dix30 was an excellent collaboration as soon as the information was known. The bar would have already been disinfected.

On its page Facebook, the Mile Public House is said to be in communication with the public health and that the outbreak concerns for the time being ” 5 people of the same group, sitting at the same table “.

The institution ensures that all its employees will undergo a screening test and that all those on duty on the night of 30 June, are already in isolation.

Call to order

In his video, Dr. Loslier is particularly aimed at the clientele of the bars in recalling the situation observed in the United States.

“We have seen our neighbours to the south that the position of the bars gave rise to outbreaks and more cases, especially in younger populations, and one would not like especially having to go back,” she says.

The regional director of public health mentions that the more the evening progresses, the distancing physical seems to shrink over consumption. She recalls that the keepers and the customers share the responsibility to respect the rules.

Dr. Loslier did not, however, throw the stone at the bars stating that all public places, even public transport, represent risk if you can not observe the distance of two meters, that is not a mask and that it does not comply with the hygiene measures.

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