Sex Education season 2 : A continuation of the series, Netflix is-it possible ?

After the spread of Sex Education that has attracted the attention of many on Netflix this weekend, can we expect to see a season 2 ? The director tease a possible sequel

This is THE series we are talking about right now on Netflix : Sex Education captivates a lot of people in that time, including us. Between lightness, taboo subjects, uninhibited, strong messages, and acceptance of self, we’re all concerned at one time or another. But Otis, Maeve, Eric and the others will have the right to a season 2 ? Will we be able to find them in new adventures ? If for the moment nothing is confirmed on the part of Netflix, the producer of the series, Laurie, Nunn, is already thinking of the sequel ! For Thrillist, she first explained that he should not rely on the torque of Otis and Maeve : “I guess it is a classic, they can never truly be together. But of course, we’ll wait and see if we get a season 2, and it could happen. You never know. But to keep the freshness, it was necessary to continue to introduce new barriers between them.” And yes, the more disappointed you probably have not enjoyed to see Jackson and Ola interfere between the two, but yet, the characters bring more to the series…

Sex Education saison 2 : Une suite de la s?rie Netflix est-elle possible ?

Then, for or against a season 2 of Sex Education ?

As to the path taken in the possible season 2 of Sex Education, the series Netflix should keep the same path, while maybe putting a light on the other characters : “I am totally in love with all the characters and I just want to spend more time with them. The first season really is the trip of Otis, and it will be again, but there are many other opportunities,”says Laurie Nunn. We can therefore hope for a little more action around Lily, Aimee, Ola and Eric and Adam ! The relationship between the two teenagers has changed a lot over the course of the series, and it should be again in the heart of the next season, if it takes place. Adam is he really gay ? or bisexual ? Will they be able to live a true love story ? Everything is possible and workable ! But it will have to wait for an official confirmation before thinking, definitely a season 2 of Sex Education. In the meantime, we offer you three good reasons to watch Titans, the DC series on Netflix.

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