Sex Education : What is really the new series with Netflix ? Our first impressions

Yesterday, Netflix has revealed the new series teenage (and buzz) Sex Education. It was the mate of the first episodes, and it reveals immediately what we thought

Since yesterday on Netflix, you can watch the new series teenage Sex Education (or Education Sexual in French, if you prefer). The eight episodes tell the story of Otis (Asa Butterfield), a teenage virgin, and inexperienced, whose mother is a therapist sexual. He makes the acquaintance of Maeve, a young woman, sure of herself (in appearance), who invited him to create a cell therapy sexual underground in high school. Obviously, the subject ready to smile and it is necessary, most of the time, watch this series in the second degree. But it was finally more of a turn on to reveal in the course of the episodes… Because Sex Education shows the daily life of the teenagers of our days and all of the questions on many people’s minds (and dare sometimes not even talk about it). Masturbation, homosexuality, size, sex, impotence, fertility, discomfort, disgust, and orgasm, all the topics are covered.

Sex Education : Que vaut vraiment la nouvelle s?rie Netflix ? Nos premi?res impressions

Sex Education of surprises in store

From the beginning, Sex Education makes us think of a Skins 2.0, in modern times. Shot in Great Britain, the same style of characters, same sets and outfits kitsch, there are inevitably many similarities. And yet, a wind of air of (very) fresh breath on this new series Netflix ! So obviously some scenes that can possibly offend the most trapped and the most sceptical of us, everyone will eventually find its marks and its place in the series. At a time when to another, we feel concerned by a subject, a theme or an experience that we all at least lived during our teens. And in addition, everything is approached with a dose of humor, story to lighten the atmosphere. Then of course, you don’t advice not to binge-watcher in this series, in the company of your parents, but between friends, it is far from annoying. And it can even invite discussions…

Sex Education : Que vaut vraiment la nouvelle s?rie Netflix ? Nos premi?res impressions

The character of Eric delivers a strong message in the series

But Sex Education is not ONLY a series to laugh sex, laugh at itself, laugh at the other. Behind these moments of light are hiding several scenes and storylines deeper, which reveal themselves as episodes. Without you lie (and especially without too much spoiler), the first chills arrive as early as the third episode with Maeve (Emma Mackey), who lives a painful experience, which unfortunately many young women have already lived their life. The presence of the character of Eric (Ncuti Gatwa), the best friend, Otis, is also key to the series. Eric is gay, loves to dress up and assume the great day, in spite of the problems that it may encounter in high school or with his family. Painful scenes of harassment, or dialogue very touching, come to us to draw a few tears. In the air of the time Sex Education happens to address many topics, leaving all the taboos. The episodes are linked together very easily, and it takes quite quickly in the game of the series. For us, it is one of a series of successful Netflix for 2019, and of which we should hear about. In clear, if you have free time this weekend, take the opportunity to suppress Sex Education !