Shakira is accused of fraud

Шакиру обвиняют в мошенничестве

As reported by Spanish media, the courts are going to present on the days of the 41-year-old Shakira serious charge. She is accused of fraud in tax evasion.

Prosecutors believe that the singer deliberately misled the tax authorities and did not pay in the end, the Spanish Treasury more than 14 million euros. According to tax specialists, Shakira lied to them, claiming that he has lived in the Bahamas and is not a resident of Spain.

By law, all who live in Spain for more than 183 days within 12 months are considered residents and are taxable on their income for the entire year. Moreover, we are talking about the amounts that are earned not only in this country but throughout the world. Officials said they can prove that actually, Shakira 2012 almost constantly lives in Barcelona with Gerard Pique — boyfriend and father of their children.

To this conclusion, the tax authorities came, examined data of social Networks, where the singer regularly publishes photo essays about his time in Barcelona. About the same, according to officials, shows and schedule regular visits to her favorite Shakira beauty salons. However, the singer’s lawyers deny the charges and believe that the so-called “evidence” is simply frivolous.

In fact, for the first time claims with Shakira for taxes was filed in February of this year. Then the singer had hoped to settle out of court, paying off the tax. But, apparently, officials failed to agree. And now the singer is risking much, because by law, the punishment for evasion of taxes in especially large sizes — from one year to five years in prison, says 7days.