Shameless season 9 : Fiona is at the lowest in the trailer of the next episodes

The rest of the season 9 of Shameless is coming soon and it does not bode well for Fiona…

There are no more than a few days to wait before returning to the family Gallagher since the season 9 of Shameless resumes as soon as the 20 January on Showtime. And after being finished in a rather brutal for Fiona, things may not work out. After the trailer of the sequel you can see above, the eldest of the Gallagher touches the bottom and almost seems to walk in the footsteps of his father. After losing his building and discovered that Ford is married with a child, Fiona fell from the top and the last few episodes of Emmy Rossum in Shameless may be difficult.

Shameless saison 9 : Fiona au plus bas dans le trailer des prochains ?pisodes

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But all is not lost for Fiona in the rest of the season 9 of Shameless, as according to executive producer John Wells, which was entrusted to TVLine, she could still go up a little slope before leaving the series. “I hope that at the end of the next 7 episodes, people will be satisfied to see where Fiona ends up. But I don’t want to suggest that suddenly everything will be better for it”. As often in Shameless, so it’s possibly a happy-ending in half-shade, waiting for Fiona. But in all cases one thing is for sure, the eldest of the Gallagher will be sorely missed, regardless of how it finishes the season.