Shanna Kress (The Angels 10) ultra sexy in an outfit original, it is done to tackle by the internet users (PHOTO)

Shanna Kress has been taclée by the users after a photo deemed too sexy… It tells you more below.

Shanna Kress has recently alarmed the canvas after he posted a photo of herself in lingerie on Instagram… And the young woman should begin to be accustomed to criticise her every time she post a publication on the web, since it comes once again to tackle by the users ! The reason for this ? Even a photo that was deemed far too “vulgar” by the users of Instagram ! The candidate of the Angels 10 has therefore received a barrage of negative messages, and if you want to know a little more, we offer you to discover some comments just below…

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#lollipop ???? @iamshannakress

A publication shared by Shanna Kress (@shannakress83) the 6 Nov. 2018 at 6 :36 PST

“You’ve grown too vulgar (…) Since you are no longer with Thibault, you have a serious changed. You are too vulgar, so not beautiful (…) The CAGOLE in all its splendor (…) Disheartening as you are become vulgar. Thibaut has made a good choice”, one can read among the many comments. But despite everything, the beautiful brunette has collected more than 35 000 likes on this picture ! Like what… And if not, know that Julien Bert and Carla Moreau are crazy in love in The Marseille VS. the rest of the World season 3, and it has to react, Nikola Lozina, who is mocked by his comrade !