Sharon stone has attributed a new novel

Шерон Стоун приписали новый роман

Hollywood actress Sharon stone changes the men as gloves. 60-year-old star strips “Basic instinct” only recently spent time in the company of Italian businessman Angelo Boffa, as Sharon is credited with a new novel.

As Radar Online reports, the stone caught while Dating with a 50-year-old well-known journalist and human rights campaigner Enzo Cursio. Saw a couple while walking through the streets of Rome. Also lovers are caught in the lenses of the paparazzi, when merged in a tender kiss in one of the cozy Italian cafes.

Also the lovers together visited one of the social events in Rome, where the arm came out together on the red carpet, writes “Today”.

By the way, just a few months ago, Sharon stone along with Boffa vacationing in the Balearic Islands. Recall that the Hollywood star was married several times. The actress is growing three adopted sons.