Shay back with Jolie, she confides on his absence and the rumours about

Shay de retour avec Jolie, elle se confie sur son absence et les rumeurs ? son sujet

Shay is back after a one year absence with the song “My Pretty”. For the occasion, the singer confided on his absence and the rumors that have circulated about her.

Shay is back with “Pretty” and has passed an important milestone on YouTube. After a one year absence, the one who has left the label 92i Booba’s hit hard with this title, in which it settles its accounts : “This song, I recorded it a little over a year. This was around the summer of 2017. During this period, many things are said about me, there were plenty of rumors circulating… I’m not good in communication so I did not know how to react. The aftermath of a series of articles output in my topic, my brother called me to tell me about this title. He sent me the prod’, and I went to the studio,” she explained to Konbini.

She then continues : “I have gathered all of the subjects that were controversial, and I told my story. In less than thirty minutes, it was curly. Here, it is a little time as I advanced on my project, and before resuming the speech to announce an album, it was self-evident that I am honest about my situation. It is my way of putting things flat, not even for my fans. It was either that or : “Hello, this is Shay, it’s been over a year since I’ve gone but go listen to my new title”, as if it were nothing [laughs]”. Now that things are clear and that she said everything she had on the heart, fans of the singer are not waiting for only one thing : the release of his second album. In the meantime a precise date, Booba has reacted in a surprising manner to the output of the new sound of Shay.