Shazam : The shooting extended by two weeks !

The filming of the adventures of Billy Batson extended to two weeks… Should we be concerned about for the film ?

Shazam!, scheduled for April 3, 2019, requires fifteen days more shooting. This summer, during the Comic Con San Diego, a first trailer of Shazam! had been circulated, to the delight of the fans. Directed by David F. Sandberg, the film will tell the adventures of a young boy, Billy Batson (Asher Angel), whose particularity is to be able to become a super-hero adult, Shazam (played by Zachary Levi). The players will run two weeks longer than planned in the next month to Toronto in Canada, from the 1st to the 18th of November, in order to perform the “reshoots” (which happens when scenes that are missed need to be returned).

Shazam : Le tournage prolongé de deux semaines !

This is not the first time thata film produced by Warner Bros and belonging to the DC universe requires reshoots… This has been the case of Suicide Squad or Justice League, and the result was much disappointed part of the audience. Hope that this is only a false alarm for this feature film, which , apart from a few criticisms of fans about the design of the costume of Shazam, no controversy is not coming to interfere. Which is good, because if all goes as planned, the super-hero might well join Batman and Super-Man within the DCEU. The Justice League could make a small place to be Shazam, right ?