Shocking figures in Italy and a complication of diseases: coronavirus kills Europe

Шокирующие цифры в Италии и осложнение болезни: коронавирус убивает Европу

Deadly coronavirus from China is forcing countries, including Ukraine, to resort to extreme measures due to the rapid spread and growth of mortality. President Vladimir Zelensky recorded emergency message to the Ukrainians. The doctors circulate a memo on how to protect against coronavirus at home, at work and on the road. “Apostrophe” tells all that is known at the moment about the development of the disease in different countries.

On the morning of March 14 in the world infected 145 369 people. During the day, the figure rose more than 9 thousand people. From illness the day he died 453 infected. Since the beginning of the spread of the virus just died 5 429. Cure managed 71 694 cases (+1 336 for the last day). Fresh data can be viewed on online map.

What happens after the cure

Recovered from a new type of coronavirus patients may suffer from deterioration of lung function and dyspnea when walking fast, said the hospital authority of Hong Kong. Conclusion based on a study group of 12 recovered patients. As the head of the centre infectious diseases hospital Princess Margaret Owen Zeng, two or three of them are no longer able to do what I could do before: “They suffocate while walking. Some patients may experience a decrease in lung function 20-30% (after recovery)”.


Because of the deaths the city decided to completely isolate. The head of the district state administration Victor of Pulkovo recommended to all locals and visitors of the district to limit the movement of the city and villages, to avoid places of stay a large number of people and contacts with people who have symptoms of the disease. from six in the morning March 14, canceled the movement of all buses across the district and in the areas of Kiev and Zhytomyr.

Local authorities do not know how to bury a 71-year-old womanwho died from the coronavirus.Authorities are not agreed on the procedure of further treatment of the body. In the field waiting for the final instructions from the guides of health. So, the Chairman of Zhytomyr regional state administration said that disinfected all the places where there was a sick woman (Church, bus station).

Шокирующие цифры в Италии и осложнение болезни: коронавирус убивает Европу

Relatives and people with whom she had contact are under control. Now we have to decide how to bury a woman how to dispose of her things.There is an algorithm, but I have to agree with the chief health officer. In the area waiting for further orders.

After the first case of the death of another five people went to doctors with complaints of high fever and runny nose – they previously had contact with the patient COVID-19. Three people are now in isolation, about two a decision. They all visited on 8 March, the Church where that day was a sick woman.


The condition of the men, who on the eve confirmed COVID-19, stable. His wife, who is a carrier of the virus, now on observation – she has no symptoms of an infectious disease. The contact persons are established, they are also under the supervision of doctors.

The head of the regional state administration Sergey Osachuk announced the introduction from March 14 state of emergency in the region because of two confirmed cases of coronavirus.

Late in the evening on March 13 in the region was hospitalized with a high fever the mother and two children. They all had contact with a person who returned from Italy and was hospitalized with suspected coronavirus. Also in the regional clinical hospital said the man with suspected pneumonia. As it turned out – on February 29 he returned from Italy. Now he’s receiving the necessary medical care.


During the day, the number of patients increased by 5198. Died 250 people and recovered 394. In the country are infected 8% of health care workers.

Шокирующие цифры в Италии и осложнение болезни: коронавирус убивает Европу


On 13 March the authorities introduced a state of emergency, which will last for two weeks. Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez said that Spain uses military to curb the spread of the virus.

+2000 infected in the last day. Just 5232. Began an uncontrolled process. The head of the government of Catalonia announced the isolation of the Autonomous community of coronavirus, and requests the Prime Minister of Spain to promote the cessation of air and sea traffic.

The situation in other countries


According to official data in the country 27 infected. Ukraine closes the border with Belarus, Embassy suspends consular reception.

Poland closes the borders and cancels all international flights for 10 days. Check-in is only possible poles, but with a mandatory quarantine in 14 days. March 15-closed to cafes, bars, restaurants and clubs (can only work for home delivery), and will limit the operation of shopping centers. Public transportation, banks and private companies, supermarkets and pharmacies continue to work.

At the moment in Poland 81 infected, 2 deaths. The greatest growth today in Lublin. The EU allocates country 37.5 billion euros to fight the disease.

President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov recommended to protect against coronavirus folk remedy – smoke of the sacred plant harmala. According to him, the smoke of the plant does not allow the virus to enter the body.

The Ministry of defence of the USA from March 16 to may 11, introduces a restriction on travel inside the country in connection with the spread of a new type of coronavirus. The new rules apply to American military personnel, civilians, defense Ministry and members of their families. Prohibits all domestic movement of these entities. Exceptions may be made for emergency travel, essential for the mission or for humanitarian reasons. The country declared an emergency.

In new York over 50 of the permanent missions of countries to the United Nations (UN) transferred employees for remote work.

The disease is attacking Africa. The first confirmed case of infection was recorded only on February 14 in Egypt. The first death recorded on March 8: he died 60-year-old tourist from Germany, found in Hurghada. Only in Egypt died 2 people. Infected with the coronavirus detected in 14 African countries: a total of 164 cases, including six deaths.

The President of Venezuela was forbidden to use public transport without a mask: “No passenger will be denied or in the subway or in a train, if he doesn’t have a medical mask. Everyone should have a mask”.

The government of Saudi Arabia has decided to suspend all international flights for two weeks in connection with the spread of the coronavirus.

In Switzerland a day counted 487 new cases and 7 deaths.

Denmark decided to close borders and not to allow foreigners to prevent the spread of the coronavirus: “We see the situation in Italy was disastrous. Everything we do is aimed to ensure that we coped with this situation differently.”

Turkey closes all border crossing points for passengers from Germany, Spain, France, Austria, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Belgium and the Netherlands.

In Russia coronavirus identified in two patients in Kemerovo. At the moment in the country 47 infected. Of the Russian Federation from March 16 limits the traffic with the EU countries with the exception of scheduled flights to the capitals and Charter flights. The Prime Minister of the Russian Federation approved a package of measures, according to which envisages the closure of the land sections of the border with Poland, and Norway.

The authorities of great Britain intend to take action to combat the coronavirus, which, in particular, will allow police to detain citizens suspected infection.

In France urged not to send children to school if they are on the eve returned from a trip to Italy.

In Iran declared a holiday in almost all provinces of the kindergartens and schools to universities.

In South Korea, studying in all schools and preschools postponed until March 23.


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