Shrill : After Insatiable, and finally a series Hulu successful with a heroin big ? Our verdict !

Shrill, it is the new series Hulu with a heroine big, the clichés, stereotyped Insatiable. We mate the positive, and here’s our verdict !

It is a subject that is touchy, sometimes poorly received by the critics and the general public : The overweight. The evidence, Netflix had tried it with Insatiable, which has created controversy and has not convinced everyone. This time, Hulu presents its new series, Shrill, composed of 6 episodes of approximately thirty minutes. It follows the life of Annie, presented as a young woman fat, looking for more responsibilities in his work, sailing between the small-friends miserable and taking care of sick parents. But stuck in a universe that is depressing, who has always wanted to make her into a person she wasn’t, Annie decides to change her life… But not his body ! From the beginning, it attaches to his personality and his little grain of madness. But if we thought to feel empathy for her and her situation, it is completely missed ! On the contrary, it is rather to feel contempt towards other players and the company, which makes it a person “not normal”, when in reality, it is just the opposite.

Shrill : Après Insatiable, enfin une série Hulu réussie avec une héroïne grosse ? Notre verdict !

Ready-to-many sacrifices for her personal life, Annie follows, at the beginning of the series, plan and the sport with his mother. But most importantly, she has a destructive relationship with Ryan for the past 6 months, who does not consider her as his girlfriend and even seems to be ashamed to introduce her to his roommates ! For him, she agreed to have unprotected sex and take 7 times the morning after pill ! It has imposed the rhythm of life horrible, because she said to finally feel seen as a woman desirable to a man. But now, this is NOT a healthy relationship, nobody deserves to be treated this way. And her best friend and roommate, Fran, was very well understood. Thanks to it, Annie will come out of this vicious circle (even if it will be a little difficult and falls in the trap of the beautiful words of Ryan in the meantime), and will have to go through painful moments before they succeed to take it as it is. As for his job, a simple assistant in a publishing house, Annie is also going to bang one’s fist on the table to be heard and to be able to turn write articles as a real journalist.

Shrill : Après Insatiable, enfin une série Hulu réussie avec une héroïne grosse ? Notre verdict !

In Shrill, there are many interesting moments, and especially 100% good feeling. Deep conversations, and the punchlines always well balanced. If the thread concerns the weight and the grossophobie, it also addresses several other topics profound as homosexuality, bullying, gender and racism, the way that is delicate and subtly brought, without even realizes it. Among the scenes that mark, there was the one where Annie delivers beautifully in place a fitness coach, that makes him understand that she had a physical unsightly. Also, the episode of the pool, where the heroine is revealed in a swimsuit, is one of the key moments of the season. Of course, humour is very often present in the series, and is also used to pass many messages.

Shrill : Après Insatiable, enfin une série Hulu réussie avec une héroïne grosse ? Notre verdict !

With Shrill, it is the acceptance of self advocates throughout the series ! Why be confined to the image that the company wants to reflect, women sizes “classic” to fit in the standards ? These stereotypes completely displaced are quickly swept up in the series, which proves that regardless of his / her body, regardless of size, regardless of his skin color or his sexual orientation, if you give yourself the means to succeed and enjoy life, no obstacle is insurmountable ! No, you will not see Annie lose weight in the series, or even transform one’s silhouette. But yes, you will see happy, when will she learn that happiness is inside of it. Shrill is really a series feel good that it’s worth a view, for its main subject but also for all the small interesting stories that add to the starting scenario. And the actors are also really endearing ! Clearly, this is THE series Hulu to binge-watcher this weekend, especially as there are only 6 short episodes. And after having devoured Shrill, you may be able to start Now Revelation, in which we reveal our verdict on the first episode.