Signs of coronavirus. Pay attention to the condition of the lips and the perception of odors

Признаки коронавируса. Обращайте внимание на состояние губ и восприятие запахов

Signs of infection with the new coronavirus are added, British doctors urge to pay attention to the changed condition of the lips and a strange odor perception – it helps to diagnose the infection in the absence of classic symptoms.

As informs MedikForum, signs of infection with the novel coronavirus Sars-CoV-2 usually becomes a sensation, characteristic of respiratory diseases in the first place, it’s a scratchy, sore throat, cough, fever. But according to the newspaper Express, referring to the conclusion of the Centers for control and prevention (CDC), the warning sign can also be a condition of the lips, and a bluish tint.

Studies have shown that the new coronavirus that attack the respiratory system and lungs, causing with it the deterioration of the cardiovascular system. Because of the decline in lung function heart nedopoluchat oxygen, which affects the blood supply of the tissues of the body. In this regard, the lips begin to turn blue – just as often occurs in the development of many heart diseases.

As for the loss of the ability to recognize the taste and smell, from South Korea, China and Italy had obtained convincing evidence that in patients with coronavirus can develop anosmia. Some people infected with the novel coronavirus, loss of smell was the only sign of their disease and other, more recognizable symptoms were absent, the scientists said.

“Loss of smell in the absence of Allergy or sinusitis should prompt physicians to test a patient for the presence of coronavirus”, – said the experts from CDC.

Also, in their opinion, a symptom of infected by the new virus can be not only anosmia, but the phenomenon of phantom smells when people feel the flavors is objectively missing.


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