Singer Avril Lavigne has told about the terrible disease

Певица Аврил Лавин рассказала о страшной болезни

Canadian singer Avril Lavigne said on the website that is back on the scene with a new album after several years of struggle with Lyme disease, carried out at home.

According to Avril, she survived the worst years of his life, reports

“I had to hard both physically and emotionally. I was able to turn this battle into music, which is really proud of. I was writing songs in bed, on the couch, put them down there,” admitted the pop star. That music, in her opinion, helped her to survive and feel better, and now she wants to return to the stage more than anything else.

Avril Lavigne contracted Lyme disease after a tick bite in the spring of 2015.

The first single from the first five years album, Head Above Water Avril Lavigne presented on September 19.