Singer Renée Claude died at 80 years [PHOTOS]

La chanteuse Renée Claude s'éteint à 80 ans [PHOTOS]

La chanteuse Renée Claude s'éteint à 80 ans [PHOTOS]

Singer Renée Claude


May 12, 2020 13h59

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Singer Renée Claude died at 80 years [PHOTOS]

Mario Gilbert

The Canadian Press

The quebec singer Renée Claude, one of the most beautiful voices here and all over the world, has died at the age of 80 years.

She had received a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease in 2013, and it was from the summer of 2017 as a “stage to the more advanced” of this degenerative disease. According to The Press, the artist was struck by the COVID-19.

His name alone awakens the memory of the choruses that have rocked the 1960’s and 1970’s : Shippagan, The Beginning of a new time, tonight, I make love with you, Just to make a turn, It is our feast today, The Street of the Mountain, The Tower of the earth — Renée Claude has lent his voice warm and vibrant to the words and music of Stéphane Venne, Michel Conte, Luc Plamondon and Andre Gagnon. His voice, round and clear, without unnecessary effects prowess of lyrical, was intended to serve as a setting for the works of creators from here.

Less present on the charts from the 1980s, the elegant singer has lent his fantastic voice to the songs of Clémence Desrochers, Léo Ferré and George Brassens. It has also been the creation of the romantic opera Nelligan in 1990.

In an interview in February 2019 at the magazine Echoes Stars, his or her spouse for more than thirty years, Robert Langevin, revealed that the singer was suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. A dozen of the other “beautiful voice of Quebec”, including Céline Dion, Ginette Reno and Diane Dufresne, had then returned to greet their big sister, the success You will find peace (in your heart). The proceeds of the sale of the song on the platforms of music were to be paid to the research on Alzheimer’s disease. Mr. Langevin is currently considering a means which would allow the admirers of Renée Claude to make him a last tribute.

La chanteuse Renée Claude s'éteint à 80 ans [PHOTOS]

The popular singer in 1972

Archives Press

A show featuring beautiful large voice in quebec was also presented on November 15, 2019 at the Maison symphonique de Montréal, to remember Renée Claude and raise funds for research into this disease that steals memory.

“They are in you, the wonderful sunsets of the sun”, sang in 1971 Renée Claude, with the words of Stéphane Venne. “Deep inside you / there’s a huge beach where you are all alone. Deep inside you / in the heat of you / far away within thee. You will find peace in your heart.”

Muse Stéphane Venne

Born July 3, 1939 in Montreal, la petite Renée Bélanger will study the piano at the École Vincent-d’indy and singing with the tenor Alphonse Ledoux.

The teenager won a first prize for singing to the radio CKVL in 1955, and then wends its way into the nightclubs emerging in Quebec. But unlike his fellow artists of the time, as Léveillée, or Vigneault, the singer sings — it’s not composed or written. However, his exceptional talents as a “simple” interpreter, it will be more than enough to carve out a place in the trade.

In the early 1960s, the young woman plunges to first in the directory of French Ferré and Brassens, it will be found again twenty years later. It also takes Your face of Jean-Pierre Ferland — as will later Félix Leclerc or Celine Dion.

But it was in 1967 that Renée Claude becomes a true star from the popular song in quebec, where she interprets the success of Michel Conte Shippagan, and especially when Stéphane Venne in fact his muse — before Emmanuelle, and Isabelle Peter, the two other great and beautiful voices in Quebec. It will have the same right to a passage very coveted in the prestigious Johnny Carson Show in 1967, the year of the Expo, where it also occurs. Renée Claude interpreter a version jazzy the theme song from Terre des hommes, one day, One day — Stéphane Venne.

This “liaison” music with Venne also gives success unforgettable as It is our feast day today (1968), The Tower of the earth (1969), The Beginning of a new time (1970), or You will find the peace (1971). This is the great era of the music charts and radio passages-syncs to the tv show Donald Lautrec Show — on “mime” the songs without a microphone or musicians, in post-sync. In August 1970, it is already the Place des arts with the Montreal symphony Orchestra.

La chanteuse Renée Claude s'éteint à 80 ans [PHOTOS]

Performing in Quebec city in may 2008

Library The SunLa chanteuse Renée Claude s'éteint à 80 ans [PHOTOS]

In 2008

Archives The Press, Robert Mailloux

After Stéphane Venne, Renee Claude turns to Luc Plamondon, already very busy with Diane Dufresne. The author will give him great success as Being not too strong, not too far away, A guy like you, It is not a day like any other, Lullaby to my father and my mother, I begin again to live, If you come in my country or This evening, I make love with you.

We often forget, furthermore, that it is Renée Claude, who created The World is crazy, in 1973, song of Plamondon and Christian Saint-Roch, of which a fragment has become theAnthem to the beauty of the world, taken up in a way as memorable by Diane Dufresne in 1979.

And for a dozen years, from 1966 to 1976, authors and composers pull out his voice round and its elegant charm to represent Canada in major international festivals of song — Sopot, Paris, Athens, Spa, Caracas…

Shows tributes

In the early 1980s, while the depressed post-referendum in Quebec reached the lovers of French-language songs, the great interpreter to re-orient her career toward the “shows tributes” — first to her friend Clémence Desrochers, in Me it is Mercy that I like the best, a nod to the song The World loves best Mireille Mathieu the mad poet of mont Orford.

In 1981, it was the turn of Brassens to benefit from his unique voice in I have an appointment with you. And in 1987, she appeared with Claude Léveillée of a “show concept”, Partners in crime.

La chanteuse Renée Claude s'éteint à 80 ans [PHOTOS]

In 2006

Library The SunLa chanteuse Renée Claude s'éteint à 80 ans [PHOTOS]

In an interview in 2006

Archives La Presse, Alain Roberge

Three years later, at the Opéra de Montréal, under the direction of André Brassard, Renée Claude is the distribution of the romantic opera Nelligan, on a libretto by Michel Tremblay and a partition of André Gagnon. It will be the journalist Robertine Barry, friend and protector of the poet; his interpretation of the grand air of Indifference remains memorable.

In 1996, his album tribute to Ferré, It has market on love, is worth to him in France the prestigious prix Charles-Cros, on the land of the poet anarchist death the previous year.

The great singer was also an actress from time to time, including in an episode of’With a big a, of Janette Bertrand, in 1992 — she played the role of a lawyer in a case of sexual harassment in the workplace. She has also played in 1998 in the film ‘à ton tour, Laura Cadieux, written and directed by Denise Filiatrault from the novel of Michel Tremblay.

Renée Claude was appointed a member of the Order of Canada in 2009, but it seems that the Quebec government has forgotten in its annual distribution of palms.


Read : interview with Mario Girard, who recently published a biography on the singer.

A text about the pianist François Dubé, who had accompanied René Claude on stage for over 30 years, and who was accompanied in Alzheimer’s disease.

La chanteuse Renée Claude s'éteint à 80 ans [PHOTOS]

Renée Claude was appointed a member of the Order of Canada in 2009.

Library The Sun

Le Soleil

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