Six French-language films will be funded by Telefilm

Six films francophones seront financés par Téléfilm

Six films francophones seront financés par Téléfilm

Six projects of French-language feature films get funding from Telefilm Canada, for a total of nearly $ 8M$.


May 29, 2020 18: 21


Six French-language films will be funded by Telefilm

The canadian Press

MONTREAL — Six projects of French-language feature films get funding from Telefilm Canada.

The federal agency said Friday that the total amount of funding amounted to nearly$ 8 Million, and that the selected projects reflect the parity between men and women and represent multiple genres and themes.

Among the films selected, we account Arsenault and Son, Rafaël Ouellet. As the title suggests, the film tells the story of the family of Arsenault, which takes advantage of the illegal hunting and that makes the law for several generations in a small village in the Bas-du-Fleuve.

Monia Chokri, who went to Cannes last year with his film The wife of my brother, gets this year’s funding for Baby-sitter, an adaptation of a theatre piece by Catherine Light. There will be the character of Cedric, who loses his job at Hydro-Quebec, after a joke of gender that becomes viral. He started a therapy and written Sexist Story, a book that is revolutionary and which condemns the misogyny. Nadine, exasperated by the introspection of his chum, itself in lack of dreams and adrenaline, then lets herself be tempted by the amazing games initiated by the new and mysterious baby-sitter.

Maxime Giroux will draw on the case of Norbourg in his film, aptly titled Norbourg. In 2001, the Commission des valeurs mobilières du Québec, we only speak of Norbourg and its young CEO, Vincent Lacroix. The inspector of the Board, Eric Asselin, receives the mandate to monitor the activities of the firm. Rather than question the operations of Norbourg, Asselin moves closer to Lacroix. Literally fascinated by him, he left his position of inspector and soon became the right arm of the financial. Together, they created a fraud scheme that will allow them to divert millions to enrich themselves. But the feast will not last forever…

Christine Dallaire-Dupont and Nicola Lemay to realize their side Beluga Blues, which tells the story of Katak, a young beluga whale of small size which can no longer be the laughing stock of his flock. When his grandmother confides that before she dies, she would have liked to revisit his lover that he has never known, he decides to fulfill this wish and share in the secret to the Arctic to find that great-grandfather legendary.

Catherine Chabot and Myriam Bouchard will be behind Lines of flight, the first of which will also the scenario in the company of Émile Gaudreault. It will be a comedy-drama in which we will witness a reunion eventful three friends from high school.

Finally, Chloé Leriche has obtained funding for his film Suns Atikamekw. The film is freely inspired by the dreams, impressions and memories of the relatives of the five aboriginal victims of an accident that occurred on June 26, 1977. A van carrying seven people was stranded in the river in the Middle, to the north of Saint-Michel-des-Saints, killing five young people from the community of Manawan, while the two passengers to non-aboriginal were doing.

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