Six habits that can kill your immune system

Шесть привычек, способных убить ваш иммунитет

For the immunity of every human today is a stressful time – coronavirus checks it for strength, and some habits can kill the immune system, making infection a harsh reality.

Habits can weaken the immune system, raising the threat of coronavirus, was regarded by the experts in the magazine Fit for Fun. Their list includes the following circumstances.

Unhealthy diet. The habit of eating French fries, chips, chocolates and bitonci, fast food, fatty foods the finished production contribute to the fact that the body does not get the right quantity nutrients, strengthen the immune system, – vitamins and minerals. Accordingly, the immune system weakens.

Cold feet. Doctors warn: locking cooling of the feet, the body seeks to halt the loss of body heat and constricts blood vessels. In the nose, throat this impairs the supply of blood to the mucous membranes – those are cool, become dry. In such an environment, viruses and bacteria easier to enter the body. Don’t let cold feet, otherwise the threat of infection by the coronavirus will increase dramatically.

The lack of sleep. The immune system is “overloaded” during sleep, its lack is able to kill the immune system. People with chronic lack of sleep faster get viruses, their body is not able sufficiently to form important immune antibody. Significantly reduce the threat of coronavirus can, if you sleep at least 8 hours a day. Sleeping less than 6 hours is not recommended.

Smoking. This habit damages the cilia in the bronchi that filter the “junk” in her lungs. Cigarette smoke helps pathogens to penetrate inside.

Stress. Tendency to dramatize, to survive for any reason can kill health. Stress makes natural killer cells (NK cells) that protects the body from viruses and bacteria, inactive also reduces the number of immune cells (monocytes).

Alcohol. It is better to forget about the habit to spend the evening with a glass of wine.

Alcohol contributes to the death of monocytes, NK cells and promotes the growth of foreign agents that suppress the immune system.


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