Slow return to normal at Quebec

Lent retour à la normale à Québec

Lent retour à la normale à Québec

The mayor of Québec, Régis Labeaume


May 27, 2020 15h59

Updated at 16h19


Slow return to normal at Quebec

Lent retour à la normale à Québec

Lent retour à la normale à Québec

Jean-François Néron

The Sun

Municipal life comes back gradually to normal after the slowdown of some activities, and the suspension of others, because of the COVID-19.

100% of material processed

More recent news, the City announced that the sorting has returned to its normal rhythm. “One hundred percent of the material is thus treated every day,” says one by way of a press release.

At the beginning of the pandemic, the City had to store the equivalent of two to three days of material to allow for the implementation of the health measures recommended by public Health. This delay is caught up now,” says the City.

Despite the pandemic, the average selling price of the materials is maintained. The price of cardboard has even improved because of the present rarity of this material.


The mayor of Quebec city announced earlier this week that blue-collar workers are poised to make a “a blitz of cleaning the streets because the City is dirty”.

Last week, his administration had announced that the household of spring with a delay of two weeks. This year, it should be completed by the end of June rather than mid-June.

The problem is that it was difficult with the containment and telework to clean the streets and sidewalks while parking on the street are occupied by the vehicles of citizens forced to stay at home.

The déconfinement progressive and partial recovery of the economy allows free boxes on the day. The City will soon announce how it intends to proceed.


Because of the containment, the agents of parking areas have received as directives not to issue a statement of offence for motorists who exceeded the limit on the duration of parking of 60 or 90 minutes.

On Tuesday, the mayor Labeaume explained that this immunity will not last forever. “The aim is to ensure that there are enough places in the city even if a vehicle occupies the same parking space all day. Our people at the bureau of transportation are on the lookout.” The City will notify the citizens of the end of this accommodation policy.

Resumption of consultations

Another expected recovery is that of public involvement activities. Since mid-march, more than 200 have been cancelled or deferred, as well as the meetings of the neighbourhood councils.

To do this, the City put in place suitable means of communication that will enable citizens to be informed and give their opinion remotely, either online, by phone or in writing. The list of consultations is available at the following address:

The only sessions plotted are the committees of good neighbourhood of the network structure of public transport. The City prefers to wait for the holding of the public hearings of the BAPE before going forward.

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