Small cans, new flavors: Coca-Cola finds pep

Small cans, new perfumes: Coca-Cola’s offensive to seduce consumers, in this case millennials (17-35 years), more and more critical of junk food, seems to bear fruit after a second quarter marked by good sales.
The soda giant announced Tuesday a significant improvement in profitability and revenue in the second quarter, despite the strong dollar and trade tensions.

It posted a net profit of $ 2.61 billion, up 12.6% year on year, for a turnover of 10 billion, up 6.1%.

This good momentum should continue throughout the year, said the Atlanta group (southeast), which anticipates sales growth at constant scope and exchange rates of 5% against 4% previously forecast.

The stock was up 5.69% to 54.14 dollars in the afternoon, moving to record highs.

“Our performance is largely driven by strong consumer demand for both sugar-free versions, iconic soda brands, and smaller cans with less sugar,” said CEO James Quincey to financial analysts. during a conference call.

Coca-Cola has revitalized its classic drinks – Coca-Cola, Coca-Cola Zero and Coca-Cola Plus – and now offers new fragrances like Coca-Cola Orange Vanilla.

He has also multiplied different sizes of cans ranging from traditional packaging (33 cl) to new formats (20 cl and 15 cl) to meet the criticism of dieticians and slaughterers of junk food.

It is also, he says, a response to the urban and connected lifestyle of new generations and concrete action to the prevention of obesity because these new packaging contain fewer calories and less sugar.

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