Solar Eclipse of August 11, 2018 : as a phenomenon affect the human body

Солнечное затмение 11 августа 2018 : как явление повлияет на человека

All, without exception, it is important to be careful in the Affairs of

Solar eclipses have a significant impact on people, so astrologers recommend to be careful and to refrain from impulsive actions. The Eclipse on 11 August will be no exception: on this day, it is better to avoid stress and conflict situations.

The summer corridor eclipses in 2018, will end a solar Eclipse, which will occur on August 11. Astrologers have found that all, without exception, it is important to be careful in business, home and personal life. The impact of this event will affect health and, therefore, need to monitor the health and support the immune system.

Солнечное затмение 11 августа 2018 : как явление повлияет на человека

Astrological features of the Eclipse
The astronomical event will occur in the constellation Leo from 12:30 to 14:08. Astrologers warn that the impact of the Eclipse will last for 14 days from 11 August. This means that the recommendations of the astrologers it is important to observe not only the day of the Eclipse, but at least half of the month after. A solar Eclipse will have a huge energy potential, which will affect people. The 11th impulse from the Universe will help to solve many old problems. People will be able to change lives for the better, and also to revise their goals and plans for the near future. The influence of the zodiac of the Lion touches the love areas of life and business relations.

Finance, business and operation 11 Aug
During a solar Eclipse, astrologers recommend not to make financial transactions and to abandon major acquisitions. This time is not suitable for important transactions. To eliminate the risks, you shouldn’t make promises to colleagues and business partners, if you are sure that you will be able to keep his word. 11 numbers any impulsive and ill-considered actions will have negative consequences for business, so it pays to think several times before you begin your business. A partial solar Eclipse will jeopardise the business relationship, so it is better to avoid communicating with strangers and not to trust those who promise mountains of gold. However, in the day of the Eclipse can lay the Foundation for future success, if the time to abandon outdated ideas. It is important to determine the correct direction, to abandon deception and communicate with people who cannot be trusted. In the day of the Eclipse, many will be able to find new opportunities to realize their potential.

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Love and relationships in a solar Eclipse
11 Aug relationships can crack, so couples it is better to avoid conflicts. Astrologers recommend to meet new people those who is in search of the second half, because they are unlikely to meet your expectations.

Солнечное затмение 11 августа 2018 : как явление повлияет на человека

Those who are going on a journey with a loved one, you need to remember that in the period of eclipses occurs a set of obstacles and plans can fall at any time. If you are in a bad situation, try to stay calm and not blame each other for what happened. Any argument can lead to the breakdown of relationships. The day of the Eclipse favorable for declarations of love and proposals of marriage. Those who are confident in their feelings, can plan an important step on August 11. Astrologers claim that the good and selfless intentions will be supported by the Universe.

Mood and health on Saturday
During the blackout exacerbated chronic diseases concerning the cardiovascular system. The probability of occurrence of headaches, pressure surges and the heart. In this regard, doctors recommend to avoid stressful situations, how you can spend less time under the scorching sun, and promptly seek medical help. To cope with the negative emotions and stress will help herbal teas. They have a soft effect and help to calm the nervous system. In addition, the herbal aroma lifts the mood. Those who feel not the best way, better to stay home and keep a daily routine to avoid fatigue and go to bed on time. During the August Eclipse, it is possible to get rid of bad habitsto break oppressive ties and say goodbye to the manipulators. Those who are committed to positive change, the solar Eclipse will bring many opportunities to find their purpose and path.

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