Soloist KAZKA said the reasons for his failure

Солистка KAZKA назвала причины своего провала

After National selection, the soloist of the barrage of criticism. Bad singing zaritska explained with excitement.

Popular Ukrainian group of KAZKA took part in the National selection for Eurovision in Israel. The performers took third place in the competition, despite the fact that during the National selection for the girl pounced with criticism due to her bad singing, and singer Jamal even offered Alexander Zaritskaya vocal lessons.

“I wouldn’t say that I sang off key. Had problems more with excitement. My voice sounded uncertain, and from the experiences varied intonation. It’s all experience and I think in 2020, the year we will again try hand. It’s certainly not 100%, but we would like to represent Ukraine”. The band also commented on the rumors that KAZKA go to the Eurovision song contest in Israel and it was solved. “We were not sure that we will go, but would very much like this. We were upset that we will not in Israel, but that’s okay, it’s not the end of life,” added the group, says “Nova Ukraina”.