Son Cindy Crawford jail

Сыну Синди Кроуфорд грозит тюрьма

In December last year, the police arrested the son of Cindy Crawford for speeding and drunk driving. Then, according to insiders, Presley was released on bail, but soon will be a court hearing that threatened the loss of a driver’s license or six months in prison.

December 30, Presley Gerber was taken to the police station in Beverly hills. According to the portal TMZ, he was arrested for speeding, but, in addition, 19-year-old model sat behind the wheel while intoxicated. Presley was released after a few hours under recognizance not to leave. Insiders also shared information that the parents of gerbera has made him a bail of 15 thousand dollars. Under California law, two of misconduct threatens the model not only deprivation of the rights for a year and a fine of 1 thousand dollars, and imprisonment.

Sam Presley is not commented, but a spokesman for the star said: “he has no criminal record and never been arrested. Presley Gerber treat this work very seriously and is taking all necessary steps,” writes