Sony will release a new console after record PlayStation

Sony випустить нову консоль на честь рекорду PlayStation

Soon there will be a unique version of the PS4
/ TechRadar

The direction Sony is happy: in the history of the company, she managed to sell more than 500 million of PlayStation.

As opposed to proponents of PC gaming increasing expansion consoles, the numbers make it clear: even the most powerful computer will not replace the console.

However, the creators of the popular devices know how to lure in users who previously avoided their offspring.

Significant figure 525,3 million worthy of celebration and quite a come down as a reason to try again to impress the most ardent supporters of the RS. So, perhaps, thought the employees of Sony when they decided to let a special version of PS4 Pro.

The owners of the consoles are unlikely to rush to change his comrade for a beautiful wrap, but those who are just thinking about buying, a limited-edition version will surely push for decisive action.

In addition to the updated design of transparent plastic material, a limited edition PS4 Pro can boast of a decent bundle. Wireless controller DualShock 4, PlayStation camera, headset, kickstand and, most importantly, the hard disk capacity of 2 TB.

In sale only 50 000 sets, so they will probably have to hunt. In the United States for the console asking $ 499,99. These are the consoles in other markets is still unknown.

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