Soprano : Phoenix, five titles to retain from his new album

Soprano has unveiled his new album Phoenix on November 9, 2018. For the occasion, melty gives you the list of the five songs to remember.

Claudio Capéo is entrusted melty on his friendship with Soprano, on the occasion of the release of her new video “Your hand” and did not lavish praise on her. It must be said that for a few years now, Soprano has managed to take over the music community in France and manages to touch more and more of the world with his lyrics and his legendary kindness. After the triumph of his previous album The Everest sold over 800 000 copies and a tour of sold-out performances in front of more than 700 000 people, the singer comes back in this November 9, 2018 with the Phoenix. This album, composed of 16 pieces in total, talking about the future, moments are complicated in the existence as well as hope, tolerance, and love. On the occasion of this release, melty has decided to retain the five titles from the project of the Soprano, that the small Madison of The Voice Kids 5 was chosen as a coach.

“To life to love”

In this piece, optimist, which has been chosen as the lead single from this album, the Soprano talks about life in general, that it must always celebrate, in spite of the hard knocks. The singer also listen to the advice of a caring mother who guides his son so that he becomes better and especially that it be filled with love.

“Cantare” feat Soolking

This title is hot and causing smells good in the summer. A possible future tube that speaks of the origins and the music, which has allowed the artist to live his dream and to see life in a new positive angle.

“Whoosh” feat Niska

With this its in feat with rapper Niska, Soprano keeps up with the rap, pure and hard. The two artists played the bad boys and pay tribute to Rita Mitsouko. A registry that allows the population of marseille to please the greatest number, and not to disappoint those who have been following since the ” Psy 4 rime.


In this piece, the Soprano talks about the violence in the world and tries to make a difference by advocating for the peace in his words. A theme that he discusses regularly in his projects and that works very well with a chorus, efficient retains.


Attention… Tube in sight ! While the title speaks of the tempting side of the artist of 39 years, the chorus is very pop risk to resonate on all the waves. As the words scroll by, one finally understands that the wheel has turned and it is he who is caught by a woman interested and that it is no longer a “Casanova”.

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