Soprano (The Voice Kids 5: Advice of M Pokora, relations with Jenifer, Amel Bent and Patrick Fiori, participation in the adult version… It tells everything (EXCLUDED)

On the occasion of the launch of season 5 of The Voice Kids on TF1, the new coach, Soprano, answered all of our questions exclusively.

While Jenifer has explained the reasons of his return in The Voice 8, the version kids starts for a fifth season event on 12 October on TF1 ! This year, Soprano & Amel Bent joined Jenifer and Patrick Fiori to try to find a new rare in children. Between the four coaches, the atmosphere is at the top, as in the life of every day, they are already wonderfully. If this new edition promises to be very exciting, the marseillais Soprano has agreed to answer our questions exclusively. Result, he is engaged on his first experience in the red armchair, on his team, but also on his relationship with his work colleagues. In addition to The Voice Kids, the Soprano will also need to manage the release of his new album Phoenix on 9 November, and the shooting of the adult version, expected for 2019. Fortunately he has been able to count on the valuable advice of his friend M. Pokora, as it revealed to us just below.

Soprano (The Voice Kids 5): Conseils de M Pokora, relations avec Jenifer, Amel Bent et Patrick Fiori, participation à la version adulte... Il raconte tout (EXCLU)

melty : Why have you agreed to participate in the version kids of The Voice ?

Soprano, singer and coach of ‘ The Voice Kids 5 : this is for The Voice Kids and The Voice adults, I have always loved and watched these shows. I love the concept of having to turn on a voice that rips, and not just because the person is beautiful, tall, blonde or brunette. Regarding the version of kids, I had done coaching in the semi-final when Mr. Pokora was a coach in season 4 and I gets off to see all these young people with a talent so immense. Need advise for a day, I saw myself at home with my children when they need me.

melty : Precisely, your coaching with M. Pokora you he allowed to take a test before you join your chair for good ?

Soprano : no, not really. At the base, the first that had me propose the show were the producers of The Voice Belgium, but I was on tour so it was impossible for me. When coaching with Matt, I was able to free me one day and announced to me that he was going to leave the next season and if I wanted to, I could replace it… So I said yes !

melty : How are you there are you taken to convince the talent to join your team ?

Soprano : When you have a guy like Patrick Fiori at the side, which you out of the poetry… It is difficult. Sometimes he spoke, I wanted to go in his team (laughs). But the best way to convince a talent it is to remain true to oneself. I was honest, sincere and natural and I tried to find good arguments… sometimes it worked, sometimes not. I think you called me by my personality, it is expected that I am me so this is what I did to build my team.

melty : What type of talent do you look for ? Artists, more urban than usual ?

Soprano : It’s going to be. But today, I want to show that urban artists can listen to anything. Me I grew up listening to Aznavour, Stevie Wonder turned in the loop at home… people tend to believe that the rockers don’t listen to that rock and the rappers that rap. But in this episode, I really came mode and freestyle, this is to say that one who touches me, regardless of his musical style, I turn. After I also think that I can bring and some, I saw them more with Patrick Fiori, for example. With Amel Bent, there was a heavy reliance on the experience of Jenifer and Patrick and they have been very comfortable, which allowed us not to over-think and fly at the stroke of heart.

melty : “Should according to you be a teacher to coach children ?

Soprano : Yes, you can’t do it like that. The advantage that we all have, the four coaches, is that we all parent. Necessarily, you do not have the same sensitivity when you’re a parent because you think of your children. There has been talent that me very much surprised, since I said to myself “Wow, it is smaller than my daughter or it is larger than my boy”. So I think I have to step back and find the words with the kids.

melty : When Jenifer died of fright during the filming of The Voice, how is the atmosphere between coaches ?

Soprano : We forgot the cameras so we laughed between us. There was a person who was ill at ease, everyone loved it. In the promotional videos, I rediscovered the passages that I had completely forgotten, I didn’t even know we were being filmed. It was so good that we did not pay any attention to what we said and I think that my comrades will say the same thing.

Soprano (The Voice Kids 5): Conseils de M Pokora, relations avec Jenifer, Amel Bent et Patrick Fiori, participation à la version adulte... Il raconte tout (EXCLU)

melty : What are the qualities of your partner Jenifer, Amel Bent and Patrick Fiori ?

Soprano : Jenifer, I would say, the mother hen who has a lot of experience in the program. Patrick it is the poet, he is a great teacher and it is he who is the most benevolent of all four of us because he think a lot about the psychology of young people. Finally, Amel it is the emotion, one feels that she is caught up in the stuff, she sometimes forgets that she is in a program, it is nature and it is a quality.

melty : Y a-t-it had small disputes between coaches to get the talent ?

Soprano : Ah yes ! There have been several. There are some who hate me for some of the talents that I have in my team and vice versa. After with Amel, it has the same artistic sensitivity, it is Soul/R&B and urban, so it was a little war. But he had to know how to defend and sell a maximum with talent and it was fun.

melty : Will we have the right to be surprises this year ?

Soprano : there were two or three moments where I had not even the words, it exceeded the issue squarely. At one point, Patrick is going to sing with a talent, which was not planned, but it happened a thing. There was also a whole family that is mounted on the stage and with which it is danced and sung. There are surprises yes, there are children who sing, and you wonder how they can be so mature, how he can know this directory.

melty : the Edits-you-the-air broadcasts ?

Soprano : Me I like direct because I am kind. The defects and qualities, any spell and I love it, I’m like that. After this I fear, is to rediscover the child that’s been left for a year (the record of the hearings to the blind date last year, editor’s note). I look forward to see how they became, how they sing now.

melty : do you Think you can win the victory in this fifth edition ?

Soprano : I don’t know… But I still believe in my team, there is the rare pearl. After I go to my pub but in my team, we are the best ! (laughter). They are too strong, it is required that there be at least one out of the three that I think happens in the end.

melty : How were you approached to join the adult version ?

Soprano : I was proposed to in the middle of the year 2018. After it is totally different because the small ones have less stake in quotation marks as adults. But production told me that it was legitimate that I am there for the urban side, but also for everything that I have already been doing for 20 years. I had a blast with the kids so this is a new experience that I want to try.

melty : You get out your album Phoenix on November 9, 2018, participate in The Voice it is ensure a nice visibility ?

Soprano : During my previous tour, I announced that my new album was going to come out on November 9, 2018, but completely random to put a countdown timer and put the pressure to me and my colleagues and keep those who have accompanied me during the era of the album Everest. Then, at the base, The Voice Kids was to be distributed at the end of August 2018 so I told myself that this would be good timing with my first song “To life to love” which was released during this period. Finally everything was shifted but it’s cool because I’m going to be able to do this program, go on a promo with my album and so I will be really into the music and it will maybe help me even more to coach my talents.

melty : How are you going to manage your gigs and the recordings of the programming ?

Soprano : We started to work on the schedule. Fortunately, I already knew my concert dates since the beginning of the year, so we can manage. Nevertheless, it is an organization, it is the sport and moreover, I am enrolled in boxing to be able to get there (laughter). But I had an example with M. Pokora, which was the version kids, the adult version, and his tour at the same time. So I asked him the question and he told me that the most important thing was to be able to rest well and exercise to be in shape.

melty : A word for the readers of melty ?

Soprano : For all the readers of melty, a big big up ! See you very soon for the album Phoenix. I hope you’ll dig the show the Voice Kids.