SpaceX will cut 10% of employees

SpaceX сократит 10% работников

SpaceX сократит 10% работников

The company SpaceX Elon musk is preparing a reduction of 10% of their employees to continue the supply to customers, according to Reuters.

“To continue deliveries to our customers and to achieve success in the development of interplanetary spacecraft, and the global space of the Internet, SpaceX to become more compact company”, — commented on the decision in the company.

Now the company employs about 6 thousand people, a reduction fall about 600 people. According to the company, the reduction is necessary to successfully complete the project develop a spacecraft that can deliver astronauts to Mars.

SpaceX referred to as a reduced very difficult, but necessary decision. All the dismissed workers to pay compensation in the amount of payment for eight weeks of work, will help to make a resume and find a new job.

In 2019 NASA plans to verify compliance with the security rules workplaces to Boeing and SpaceX. Special attention NASA to Boeing and SpaceX to do with the behavior of the head of SpaceX Elon musk. During one of the esters Musk smoked marijuana and drank whiskey. In this regard, the heads of NASA pondered whether the rules of conduct at workplaces of the company.

SpaceX has shown real photos of the new spaceship Starship on the pad.