Spain said goodbye to Caballe, “the superba”

L'Espagne dit adieu à Caballe, "la superba"

L'Espagne dit adieu à Caballe, "la superba"

By Euronews

The family, political figures… of fans, all came out Monday to say goodbye to Montserrat Caballe, the one that was nicknamed “la superba”. Among the personalities present, the wife of the former king of Spain Juan Carlos, Sophie of Greece, as well as by the new leader of the Spanish socialist government, Pedro Sanchez, and the president independence of Catalonia, Quim Torra.

At the request of the deceased, the ceremony at the funeral home, took place in a private and intimacy in Barcelona, the native city of the singer disappeared Saturday at age 85.

Montserra Caballe is one of the greatest voices of the Twentieth century. After a modest family, she has always demonstrated passion and adaptation in his craft which earned him an outstanding career. One remembers in particular the anthem Barcelona it was to interpret for the olympic Games with Freddy Mercury of the rock group Queen in 1992.

Today his entourage greet her talent and her personality is joyful and fascinating Montserrat Caballé rests alongside his parents in the popular district of Sant Andreu in Barcelona.