Spider-Man – New Generation : The animated movie soon available in series ?

Following the amazing success of Spider-Man : New Generation released in December 2018, the studios Sony are considering to decline the animated adventures of Miles Morales in tv series.

In December 2018, just before the holidays arrived at the cinema an animated movie Spider-Man : New Generation. A small masterpiece that has won over both critics and spectators who came out in numbers to see the adventures of Miles Morales, a young african-american teenager is discovering super-powers after a spider bite. It only took a little more to the idea of a declination television germ in the minds of the producers. As well, the studios at Sony, which produced the feature-length animated film, have announced that it is thinking of a series that would take back to the beginnings of the film without giving more details on a possible release date or even production.

Spider-Man - New Generation : Le film anim? bient?t d?clin? en s?rie ?

The incredible success of Spider-Man : New Generation came on the heels of a strong year for the studios that Sony has sold more than three million copies of the game Marvel’s Spider-Man on PS4. Have followed the very good figures of VENOM – produced by Sony – and, finally, Spider-Man : Into The Spider-Verse (VO), which won the Golden Globe for best animated film. This last depicting the adventures of super-hero operating in a different reality including a Peter Parker older, Spider-Gwen, Spider-Man Noir, Spider-Pig, as well as Peni Parker ! Of what to develop a myriad of good episodes !