SQ takes advantage of construction leave to conduct a safety campaign

The Surete du Quebec (SQ) is taking advantage of two weeks of construction vacations to launch a major road and nautical safety campaign throughout its territory.
Media activities are on the agenda of the police force. On Wednesday, she will hold a nautical prevention patrol at the Lavaltrie marina, in Lanaudière, and a bike patrol operation two days later, at the foot of the Jacques Cartier Bridge. A second nautical patrol will take place on August 2nd at the marina of Lavaltrie.

Captain Paul Leduc, from the SQ’s Communications Directorate, says the police will focus on the top three causes of fatal collisions in Quebec, no matter what time of year: speed, distracted driving and driving with impaired abilities by alcohol or drugs.

During the 2018 construction leave, 14 fatal collisions totaling 16 deaths occurred in the territory served by the SQ. This assessment is in the average of the last five years, says the police. “Previously, there have been as many as 30 fatal collisions. We’ve had a lot more dramatic years, but it’s getting better, “he says.

The officer says he is encouraged by this trend, which is noticed for the whole year. Thus, according to Mr. Leduc, the SQ has recorded in 2019 27 fatal collisions less than at the same date last year. “This trend has been observed for several years. That’s why we redouble or retriple efforts to arrive, who knows, the zero deficit, “he says.

Cyclists will not be forgotten either. The police will focus their recommendations on good behavior to adopt on the saddles, including compliance with red lights and mandatory stops. They will also provide safety tips, including running in single file and being visible as much as possible.

Water safety

The SQ does not intend to be only present on the roads and trails of its territory during the next two weeks, but also on the water bodies.

The police also intend to focus on recalling the important rules when navigating. Captain Leduc complains that many of the people who lost their lives by drowning in recent weeks did not wear their flotation jackets. If it is true that one is not obliged to wear it, but to have it on board the boat, it is never a bad idea to dress in it. “[If] they had, these people would still be alive,” he says.

The message is simple: you have to apply all the right security rules. The first and most important is to wear the flotation jacket, but do not forget driving while impaired. Under federal rules, it is not forbidden to drink alcohol while driving, but the driver must still be alert. “If we can take one or two drinks, we can not exceed the limit of 80 mm,” says Captain Leduc.

The police also plan to check the equipment on board the boats, including the mufflers. “Many people have nonconforming mufflers. It can even happen that we prevent [an owner] to put his boat in the water, “says the policeman.

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