Star Wars 9 : A final duel lightsaber between Rey and Kylo Ren ?

Star Wars 9 : Un duel final au sabre laser entre Rey et Kylo Ren ?

A duel lightsaber between Rey and Kylo Ren could be the center of the final scene of Star Wars 9 !

The duel between Luke Skywalker and Snoke is not the only one expected to be in Star Wars 9. The antagonistic relationship between Kylo Ren and Rey was one of the pillars of the seventh installment of the saga Disney. This animosity interspersed of mercy has attracted the interest of many fans, eager to discover a new stage of battle between the two opposing Force. A hope that they might see in Star Wars 9, currently filming in the hangars of Cardington Sheds, about 60 kms from London. The théoriste Mike Zeroh, well known to the aficionados to have had reason on some points of previous films, claims to have his sources. And he would reveal THE final duel. In his latest video YouTube, he explains : “A large hangar is currently under construction at Cardington for one of the last scenes of the third act, which is described as a sequence of invasion”.

It gives a little more detail : “many Of the extras will be dressed as Resistance fighters, as well as new soldiers, First-Order the black armour. The sets of models A-wing, X-wing, and even E-wing will be used during the sequence. So far, no word from Oscar Isaac and John Boyega in part, however, Daisy Ridley will be involved. Now, why Rey would she be involved in a sequence in a hangar during an invasion ? It might very well be that she is trying to protect the Resistance and it is there that occur the confrontation between Rey and Kylo Ren. This certainly could be the beginning of the last duel lightsaber that we don’t stop to hear these last two months, involving both Adam and Daisy”. It would, perhaps, revenge direct revelations of Kylo Ren on the parents of Rey, which will finally be unveiled in a flashback of Star Wars 9 ! It will have to wait a little bit to discover, since the film is not due until December 2019. Patience is mother of virtue as they say…