Star Wars 9 : The return of Luke Skywalker living is it possible ?

Star Wars 9 : Le retour de Luke Skywalker vivant est-il possible ?

If the death of Luke Skywalker you devastated, it is possible that he will return alive and well in Star Wars 9 !

It may seem too good to be true, but there is a small possibility that Luke Skywalker come back from the dead to make a last say hello to Rey and his friends. Even if Mark Hamill has confirmed a theory hard to digest, the fans do not lose hope and to see in every new information is a way to bring back their mentor. In the comic book No. 22 devoted to Darth Vader, we learn that he appeals to the Lord the Sith Lord Momin, said to be powerful enough to defy death. Together, they will design his fortress of obsidian in the middle of the apocalyptic landscape of Mustafar. The goal is to use the powerful energies of the Dark Side as a way to bring Padme back to life. Their victory is unfortunately not specified, but the fans already know the tempting possibility of Kylo Ren returning to the castle of his grandfather, in search of secret powers or artifacts. If they have not been able to complete the resurrection of Padme, the fortress could be used to bring Luke to where the Force to the guard.

A theory rather plausible, when we know that a shooting was planned on Mount Etna, previously used to Mustafar. Except that it’s hard to imagine why Kylo wants to bring back his uncle / enemy from the dead. Or perhaps it will benefit t-he aid of a Snoke and more powerful than ever ? Unless it is Rey who is in charge… But another theory would dictate that a community-sectarian unknown to everyone, the Ancient Order of the Whills, vienna to put his grain of salt in the plot. Skilled Shamans of the Whills, the members of this order had developed in secret, the esoteric ability to keep their essence in the Force after death, a capacity of bringing to a kind of immortality that could only be attained through piety and compassion in total. A description that seems to correspond well to Luke, right ? There is therefore a possibility that, during his exile on Ahch-To, he took the time to learn this technique ancestral and thus will be in a form hitherto unknown. But all of these theories might be the result simply of the crazy hope of the fans to review Mark Hamill, after an appearance that they consider to be flouted in Star Wars : The Last Jedi…