Star Wars 9, The Snow Queen 2 : The trailers were released in December ?

Star Wars 9, La Reine des Neiges 2 : Les trailers d?voil?s en d?cembre ?

Rumors that make us warm to the heart, and given the temperatures outside, it is cool !

Disney has already released two trailers through its branch of Marvel that made us happy, those of Captain Marvel (the second), and the Avengers Endgame (which the trailer leaves us with a lot of questions). And as if that wasn’t enough, one comes to learn that the suites of a cartoon that has card stock in 2013 and adventure intergalactic of Skywalker, planned for 2019, will soon see their trailers online… Yes, it speaks well of the band-ads as expected, The Snow Queen 2 and Star Wars 9 ! The number of films being planned by Disney for the next year beats all the records, and everyone should find his happiness : The Lion King, Toy Story 4, Dumbo, Artemis Fowl, Spider-Man Far From Home

Star Wars 9, La Reine des Neiges 2 : Les trailers d?voil?s en d?cembre ?

The editor-in-chief of Collider‘s Steven Weintraub, has revealed on his Twitter that “For those of you interested, December is always an important month in terms of new trailers. If you are a fan of Disney, you can expect the first trailers for The Snow Queen 2 and Star Wars 9 this month. I would be surprised if they were not both revealed before the 25th of December“. However, J. J Abrams will not be finished before February 2019 the filming of Star Wars 9, (in which a character could make his grand return in the trailer), which makes December a date very early to get out the first trailer. As a result of The Snow Queen, she is expected to land in cinemas in November, 2019, in a year… Disney is not it a bit too much of a hurry ?