Star Wars : Mark Hamill reveals an anecdote surprising on the first film

Star Wars : Mark Hamill d?voile une anecdote surprenante sur le premier film

The ultra Star Wars fans may be aware, but for others, it is a discovery rather cool !

More than 30 after the release of the first Star Wars film, the saga’s global success has still some secrets to unveil. While we wait with impatience to discover more about the ultimate adventure of Skywalker expected in theaters next December, Mark Hamill aka the much-loved Luke Skywalker, we offered an anecdote rather funny about the film that has just launched. Very active on Twitter where he answers on a regular basis to fans who try to steal your spoilers on the sequel, the actor has agreed to reveal a fun fact about the franchise, and here’s what he shared : “because of record warmth in England when we were filming the first Star Wars, most of the drivers covered the top of their combination, and were attacking the Death Star in shorts”.

Star Wars : Mark Hamill d?voile une anecdote surprenante sur le premier film

It was certainly a detour, but if we had known it by watching the movie, maybe the scene would have been less impressive ! Anecdotes like that there should be other with Star Wars Episode IX, which still remains rather mysterious. We know already that Carrie Fisher and her character Le?a will be back with new screenshots, but the rest is still nothing more than rumors. Mark Hamill and Luke, will they return ? Kylo Ren can he still go back to the good side of the Force ? The Resistance will she finally win his war ? See you in December 2019 to find out !