Started shooting “Bad boys 3”

Начались съемки «Плохих парней-3»

According to the plot of the new film, Marcus Burnett (Martin Lawrence) has become a private detective after an argument with Mike Lowry (will Smith) who is experiencing a midlife crisis and works together with the new young and self-confident partner.

However, Lowry does not trust his colleague and is trying to make contact with Burnett. In the end, old friends back together, because now they have to face the cruel and extremely dangerous drug dealer, dreaming to take revenge on Lowry and Burnett for the death of his brother.

For a production of the Comedy Thriller with a budget of $100 million responsible Adil El Arbi and Bilal fall.

The current version of the script created by Peter Craig. The responsibilities of the producer once again took over Jerry Bruckheimer.

Premiere of “Bad guys forever” is scheduled for January 17, 2020, writes, “the animation film”.