STATES: Scheer, and the Bloc are calling for the resignation of Trudeau, and Morneau

UNIS: Scheer et le Bloc réclament la démission de Trudeau et Morneau

UNIS: Scheer et le Bloc réclament la démission de Trudeau et Morneau

The leader of the conservatives Andrew Scheer


July 24, 2020 14h44

Updated at 15h44


STATES: Scheer, and the Bloc are calling for the resignation of Trudeau, and Morneau

The canadian Press

OTTAWA — The leader of the conservatives Andrew Scheer and the Bloc québécois believe that Justin Trudeau and his minister of Finance, Bill Morneau, can no longer perform their duties because of their role in the controversy involving the agency STATES.

Mr. Scheer said Friday that the prime minister Justin Trudeau had to resign. He had previously called for the sacking of the minister of Finance, Bill Morneau, to trips that he and members of his family had made in 2017, a portion of which was paid by the STATES.

The Bloc québécois issued a statement on Friday, arguing that MESSRS. Trudeau and Morneau have “betrayed the trust” of the population and opposition parties.

The Block to request “the resignation of MESSRS. Justin Trudeau and Bill Morneau as prime minister and minister of Finance”.

“If MESSRS. Trudeau and Morneau were to not comply, the Bloc québécois will consult with Quebec in the perspective of the filing of a motion of censure against the government, upon returning to the House in September”, one can read in the statement.

The Block application to the Chief electoral officer of Canada to make preparations for a general election in a time of pandemic, and the speaker of the House arrange for a vote of all of the 338 elected to the federal parliament “as soon as the beginning of the 21st September, or even earlier.”

The leader of the Bloc québécois, Yves-François Blanchet, is quoted as saying that “Quebecers may not want an election in the short term, but we understand that they still want a least one other scandal-partisan and liberal, which seriously undermines the fight to the COVID-19”.

When asked whether he would be ready to force elections on the issue in the minority Parliament, Mr. Scheer said that such an occasion would not arise before the House of commons will not resume its activities in September. This is why it is said that MESSRS. Trudeau and Morneau should withdraw now from their own.

He also asserts that a decision on whether to bring down the liberal government on a confidence motion should be taken by the next leader of the conservative Party after the announcement of the results of the leadership race at the end of August.

“In the past, the simple fact of being the object of an investigation was enough for the parliamentarians to retire, to put their country before their own ego before their own political career and allow the pursuit of the government’s work without that cloud of suspicion”, argued Mr. Scheer to reporters Friday in Regina.

“None of this happened under Justin Trudeau, this is why this conversation is turning to sanctions more stringent”, he said.

In what appears to be an attempt to create a rift between Mr. Trudeau and the members of his own caucus, Mr. Scheer has argued that the liberal members of parliament who do not want to be seen as complicit in this controversy should now demand that their leader resign.

“If the liberals refuse to act, if they remain idly by and say nothing, then they will trust implicitly the behaviour to be corrupt and they are just as guilty as Justin Trudeau,” said the chief curator.

Mr. Scheer has rejected the idea that a replacement of MESSRS. Trudeau and Morneau in the middle of a pandemic would create more uncertainty in the country.

“This would allow the government to move forward, to overcome these scandals and focus on improving the lives of Canadians,” he said.

On Wednesday, Mr. Morneau stated to a committee of the Commons that he had to reimburse STATES more than $ 41,000 for expenses covered by the group for the trip his family and he himself have done in Kenya and in Ecuador in 2017 to observe a part of the humanitarian work. He said he had always planned to pay for these expenses.

“We have proposed a temporary withdrawal of the prime minister without presuming the results of the hearings and investigations. Since then, the confession of the prime minister and the minister of Finance, and the political use of lists of participants to the activities of WE Charity (STATES) by the liberal Party of Canada, have made it impossible to endorse more of this government,” said Mr. Blanchet.

STATES stated that the trips of the family, Morneau wanted to be a courtesy of the agency, as part of a practice to show donors the work being done to encourage them to contribute again.

MESSRS. Morneau and Trudeau both faced an investigation by the ethics commissioner for failing to recuse himself during discussions regarding the granting to STATES of a contract to manage the government’s $ 912 million $ for scholarships to the volunteer student.

MESSRS. Trudeau and Morneau apologized for not disclosing potential conflicts of interest because of links to members of their families with the organization.

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