Station 19 season 2 : Episode 2, the serious fault of Andy during a rescue difficult, our critical

Yesterday, it was evening crossover for Grey’s Anatomy and Station 19 ! We will reveal to you on our critique of “Under The Surface” with the firefighters of Seattle

Last week in Station 19 season 2, we were able to meet Sullivan, the new captain of the barracks. And the least we can say is that it is strict, very strict. From the beginning of the episode 2 “Under The Surface” aired last night on ABC, the captain reviewed the fire brigade, inspecting the smallest details of their attire. He even refused to Ben Warren to go on a mission because of a bandage to the hand. Precisely, speaking of intervention, it followed the chronology of the episode of Grey’s Anatomy aired just before. The two series have proposed a large crossover. The firefighters from Station 19 were, therefore, obliged to rescue Max, a little boy of 10 years old, fell in a sewer after escaping the Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital where his mother was dying. But to save it and down under earth, it was necessary to adhere strictly to a protocol that is very strict.

Station 19 saison 2 : Episode 2, la faute grave d'Andy pendant un sauvetage difficile, notre critique

Andy has made a pellet

Obviously, all of these “new rules” have not liked Andy, who was in the habit to be the head of the barracks in the first season. So, in the truck, together with captain Sullivan, she is allowed a few critical on the phone with his father Pruitt, about it. And if Andy was done in Spanish so that Sullivan does not understand anything, he revealed to him that he spoke the language at the end of the episode. OOCH ! But this is not the only pellet that the heroine of Station 19 has done. Andy has over-stepped the rules by descending into the sewers without equipment to save Max, she has obviously not been able to do. If firefighters have been able to count on the help of Maggie and Andrew DeLuca of Grey’s Anatomy to finally retrieve the child, Andy was heavily ruin everything by his colleagues for his lack of professionalism. But the rescue has still offered a moment rich in emotion, stressful and at times sad, as knows so well Shonda Rhimes.

Station 19 saison 2 : Episode 2, la faute grave d'Andy pendant un sauvetage difficile, notre critique

Andrew and Maggie were part

If you still emphasize that we would have liked to see a little more of the surgeons of Grey’s Anatomy in this crossover, Maggie and Andrew have brought a breath of fresh air. The young woman was to be dredged by the fireman Miller, who told her that even if she had a boyfriend in her life (Jackson), he would be willing to wait if it wasn’t going to them. With regard to DeLuca, if we could imagine a reconciliation with Vic’, he finally talked to the firefighter Ripley, from another barracks, and attempted to arrange a coup between the two. Beside personal life, we also learned that Andy was going to leave the family home and move in with Maya, that Pruitt was not at all appreciated. As for Travis, he is ready to return to work at the barracks, but does not put her relationship with Grant side. It is hoped that the pace given to these first two episodes of the season will continue into the continuation of Station 19, as for the time it takes pretty quickly to the game at the beginning of season 2. In the meantime, you can find our review of episode 4 of Grey’s Anatomy season 5.