Station 19 season 2 : Episode 6, captain Sullivan will he turn Andy ? Our critical

Last night was aired the 6th episode of Station 19 season 2. It is time to reveal to you our critique of “Last Day On Earth”

Last week in the season 2 of Station 19, Miranda Bailey asked to make a break with Ben, to protect his health and the career of her husband. Since then, the fireman really is the end of the roll… episode 6 aired last night on ABC showed us a Ben grim, who has struggled to express his feelings about his colleagues. Fortunately, he was able to count on the support of Miller, who offered us a very touching moment. Miller and Jack have also welcomed Ben into their new roommate to help him overcome this difficult test. In parallel, the captain Sullivan has asked for advice to Pruitt Herrera on the pedagogy. It wants to develop ties with its fire and not be sidelined.

Station 19 saison 2 : Episode 6, le capitaine Sullivan va-t-il virer Andy ? Notre critique

Ben can count on the support of Jack and Miller

To make efforts, Sullivan has tried to talk to Vic, Jack, and then asked for an appointment with Andy. After several weeks of clashes and lack of respect, the new captain has made things clear with the young woman. He told him that he needed to work with firefighters respectful, and above all of trust, which was not currently the case. If at this moment, Andy thought she would be fired, it is another thing happened : Sullivan has asked Andy to go for a coffee to learn to know, moreover, that in a barracks ! If this request has surprised the young woman, it is not finally if surprised to see a reconciliation happen between the two, in the upcoming episodes of Station 19. But “Last Day On Earth” has also been punctuated by several interventions by the fire brigade of the series.

Station 19 saison 2 : Episode 6, le capitaine Sullivan va-t-il virer Andy ? Notre critique

The father of Ryan has almost died

On one side, Maya and Andy have had to rescue a man who had fallen in the cliffs. If the rescue proved to be perilous, the two women have succeeded. During this time, other firefighters have rescued a mother whose arm was stuck in the sink. Ben was very reassuring in spite of the difficulty to save the woman, and has managed to calm the tensions that she experienced with her teenage daughter. But the rescue that it will retain, it is especially the father of Ryan. He landed at the barracks in blood, with several bruises and contusions. Andy was treated, but he refused to go to the hospital, even if Ryan ordered him. After a few minutes, Andy and Maya have found the father of Ryan unconscious at the exit of the barracks, following an exchange problem with his son… Fortunately, the ex girlfriend of the police officer was able to resuscitate and save her life. All is well that ends well in this episode of Station 19, which is shown when even a little bit longer and softer than that of the last week… moreover, be aware that next Friday will be already aired the midseason finale of the series ! Story of consolation, you can find our review of episode 7 of Grey’s Anatomy season 15.