Stay Homas: the”implausible” success of three young musicians confined [Video]

Stay Homas: l’«invraisemblable» succès de trois jeunes musiciens confinés [Vidéo]

Stay Homas: l’«invraisemblable» succès de trois jeunes musiciens confinés [Vidéo]

Rai, Klaus and Guillem group Stay Homas on the terrace of their apartment on may 13.


May 14, 2020 15h46

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Stay Homas: the”implausible” success of three young musicians confined [Video]

Daniel Bosque

Agence France-Presse

BARCELONA — On their terrace in Barcelona, Klaus, Rai and Guillem just wanted to brighten up the containment of the Spaniards with a guitar and a bucket as a battery. But this trio casual has met with a success that still seems to be “implausible”.

Two months and 27 songs later, the three young members of Stay Homas have just signed a contract with Sony to release a disc in the fall. Some 400 000 people follow them on Instagram, the canadian Michael Bublé has taken over one of their titles, and Manu Chao made a featuring on one of their songs.

“It is completely implausible. I could never imagine this happening to us, that Sony came for us, they like the songs that we composed on our terrace, with a guitar and a bucket”, told AFP Guillem Boltó, in the apartment under the roof where the three musicians living in a shared flat since the beginning of the year.

The entrance is crowded with a stock of drinks that are sent by brands to appear in their videos.

Home made

Before their success story, the three friends were playing in two small local groups: Guillem, 25 years old, the trombone and the singing of one; Klaus Stroink and Rai Benet, 25 and 28 years, as a trumpet player and a bassist in the other.

But they had “ever composed” together, assures Klaus, until mid-march, the Spanish population is invited to “stay at home” to curb the epidemic of coronavirus. They found themselves, having nothing to do, to take the aperitif on their terrace in the sun.

“Rai started to play a bit of bossanova and for fun we started to compose a song, shoot a video then putting it” on the internet, remembers Guillem from this famous terrace, full of cactus…

They have composed a second title the next day, you Stay Homa (Stays at home), and then other and other again. The Confination Songs based reggae, folk, flamenco, or trap, full of good humor.

“People were waiting for it still with still more impatience and we, we were more motivated. Until, suddenly, I don’t know how, it makes “boom”,” says Guillem.

“See the good”

“Stay home, you don’t want the corona, remains in the house, it is good to be isolated ( … ), But it is well, if we see each other, we greet from a distance, it is well and by nine months, there will be a baby boom,” says their song Stay Homa.

The idea was to “deliver a message a little optimistic, to say, “okay, this situation is shitty, but try to see the good side,” said Klaus. But hey, you can’t say it in 27 different ways and at a given time, we began to talk about how we were, how we lived.”

The limits imposed by the containment have given their songs a style that is “home-made”, cobbled together, a little “shabby” as they say themselves.

All sorts of everyday objects — spatulas, bottles of beer or gin, wooden crate — have become the instruments. The artists with whom they have collaborated such as Manu Chao recorded videos that Stay Homas showed during their song on the small screen of the mobile phone…

“There are very few things premeditated in this project (…) If there had been a battery, we would have played the drums, and not typed on a bucket. The first three weeks, we only had a wand” laughs Klaus.

They have been slow to build a website and create their profiles on the social networks, because they thought that nobody would follow them. “In a week we had more than 100 000 subscribers. 100 000! This is nonsense,” gliding Rai.

The Stay Homas are still wondering if their future is to drive should be based on the Confination Songs, if they have to make up new titles, and to what extent to maintain their style and casual…

“The videos are very cool but an entire disk with a bucket and a guitar… You say quickly “to the rescue,” laughs Rai.

The world of the show is to be stopped because of the epidemic, they have not yet been able to enjoy a real contact with their fans.

“The contact with the public (lack of), when you shout “hey” and the people respond “eh”. A lot of fans are following our account, but I have yet to hear a single applause out of our four neighbors!” said Guillem.

But success or not, the three friends want to stay the same. “I’m fine with my life, with my friends, gliding Klaus. I don’t want to let me change it.”

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