“Stay in your province,” says Doug Ford

«Restez dans votre province», dit Doug Ford

«Restez dans votre province», dit Doug Ford

A traffic control between Gatineau and Ottawa, in April.


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“Stay in your province,” says Doug Ford

«Restez dans votre province», dit Doug Ford

«Restez dans votre province», dit Doug Ford

Émilie Pelletier

Initiative of journalism-local — Law

TORONTO – Even if the Sûreté du Québec will soon cease control of most of the border between Quebec and Ontario, the premier, Doug Ford asked the population to stay in his province until the end of the crisis of the COVID-19.

It’s the same for the residents of Ottawa-Gatineau and surrounding areas who wish to visit their family members in the neighboring province.

“We’ve had a conversation with the other first ministers, and we all agree: do not cross the borders before all this is over,” replied Doug Ford to a Right issue at a press conference on Friday.

When the containment measures will be lifted and that the economy will resume its course gradually, Doug Ford promises to have a conversation with the premier of Quebec, François Legault about the travel between the two provinces.

Mr. Ford has once again underlined the relationship “incredible” between the premiers of the country, and in particular with Mr. Legault.

The roadblocks will be lifted on may 11, in the Outaouais region, except between Ottawa and Gatineau. The authorities have already stopped the control road between Hawkesbury and Grenville.

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The premier has also reiterated that all the provincial premiers and the prime minister Justin Trudeau agree on the fact that they do not want to reopen the border between Canada and the United States.

Doug Ford defends himself went to the cottage

Even if he repeats himself for several weeks that Ontarians should not go to their cabins, Doug Ford has himself moved in his family cottage in Muskoka, in the morning of Easter Sunday.

In the press conference, he retorted, when questioned about this, that this was only to go check the plumbing.

Mr. Ford explained that he got up early, as he is gone alone, and that there was past an hour. The residence is under renovation for the past two years, and the prime minister stressed that the plumbing pipes had already exploded later. “Any criticism about me is legitimate, he admitted. I don’t think I return before many months.”

The case of COVID-19 in Ontario, by the numbers

On Friday morning, the public health showed that Ontario had 477 new cases of COVID-19 during the previous day, bringing the total number of cases to 19 598.

The province has finally surpassed its target of the number of daily tests of screening of the COVID-19, with 16 295 tests carried out between Thursday and Friday. This is the first time that Ontario reached its goal since the beginning of the week.

  • 63 new deaths (total of 1,540)

  • 13 990 people healed (71,4%)

  • 1 028-admissions

  • 213 to the intensive care unit, of which 166 ventilation

The ministry of long term Care account of the outbreak of the coronavirus in 175 homes, long-term care. Within these institutions, 2782 residents and 1707 members of the staff have contracted. The department plans to 1 150 deaths in these centres for older people, in everything.

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