Stood a three-story Mat: parents showed a terrible hostel Metropolitan University

Стоял трехэтажный мат: родители показали жуткое общежитие столичного вуза

The network showed horrific pictures of the Dorm room was a popular Kyiv University National University of life and environmental Sciences.

Housing for students is in poor condition: the photographs show a dirty, ragged walls, rotten floors, old broken furniture, which indicates the absence of even banal. Photo published on Facebook page the mother of one of the students of the University.

Nina Pastukhova on the social network wrote an angry post in which he indicated that her child could not and would not live in such conditions. Moreover, the woman focused on the fact that on the official website of the institution spread fake information about that during the summer holidays the hostel was renovated. In addition, the material showed an alleged photo of the restored premises.

“This is a hostel of National University of life and environmental Sciences. No, not so – the hostel Nulesu University, where did my child. I want to see it. I don’t need anything: benefits, free Dorm… don’t. I want people to see what happens,” – wrote the mother of the student.

According to her, when the parents brought future first-year students settle into the Dorm and went into the room “stood three-story Mat”, as they could not hold back emotions.

“I’m not kidding. We were greeted by cockroaches, I don’t remember when was the last time you saw the cockroaches. In Mexico I guess. Small rooms, 6 (!) beds, old Windows. There are floors, but only in some places, dirty mattresses, sockets that had once burned with fire, one table and one stool, which is more of Taras saw. This is for all, do turns, you’re students! The kitchen… No doors, she stood by the wall protected”, – said Nina.

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Especially angered that higher education is worth 22 thousand hryvnias on average, the cost of living in a Dorm – 520 UAH per month, and you need immediately to pay the entire amount.