Stopping the proceedings in a manslaughter trial

The Court of Quebec stopped the proceedings in the trial of Ronald Junior Brazeau, for the manslaughter of Amanda Trottier, in January 2014, in the Aylmer sector.
This is an important victory for the Brazeau clan, which has always maintained its innocence in this matter.

Mr. Brazeau has previously pleaded guilty to the manslaughter of Ms. Trottier’s spouse, Travis Votour, and received a five-year prison sentence.

Judge Rosemarie Millar ended the proceedings in Ms. Trottier’s case because the Crown’s evidence was essentially contradictory.

The double homicide trial was split into two cases after Ronald Brazeau pleaded guilty to one of them, Travis Votour.

Subsequently, the defense argued that the Crown presented to the court two different versions of the same facts in Ms. Trottier’s homicide case.

For defense lawyer Me VĂ©ronique Robert, this is an important victory for the Brazeau family.

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