Suicide mothers – In Zhytomyr woman hung herself in the attic of his own house

Самоубийство многодетной матери - В Житомире женщина повесилась на чердаке собственного дома

In Berdichev Zhytomyr region on the attic of his house hanged herself the mother of many children. It is reported

The incident happened on September 19. The body of a woman found mother-in-law.

The deceased left a daughter and two sons. Aware that she had only lived together with her daughter, sons mother lived.

It is reported that the woman who committed suicide, was 46 years old and it consisted on the account at the psychiatrist. In addition, not so long ago she became a widow, having buried his wife.

At the moment, the reasons that pushed a woman to suicide, is unknown.

As informed you earlier, in the Kiev region have committed suicide, a 37-year-old mother, leaving orphaned 10 children. Also, in Odessa region the mother of four children committed suicide.