Suicide Squad 2 : After rumors of absence, Harley Quinn is alive and well present in the film ?

Suicide Squad 2 : Après les rumeurs d'absence, Harley Quinn bel et bien présente dans le film ?

Margot Robbie will she be back to play the crazy Harley Quinn ?

Will be there ? Will not be there ? We are starting to get lost with all these statements coming from different sources proclaiming on one side that Margot Robbie will be absent from the plot of Suicide Squad 2, and the other that it will be part of it after all. The magazine Forbes seems to not be able to adjudicate on a decision, as their sources change from one day to the other. After having announced his departure, they made an update to finally say : “I have learned from sources close to the production that, in fact, the information according to which Harley Quinn would be absent from the new film Suicide Squad are no longer relevant. It should also be included in the script by James Gunn, whose production is expected to begin later this year”. But be careful, they also stated that there was nothing to say that this is Margot Robbie the interpreter this time !

Suicide Squad 2 : Après les rumeurs d'absence, Harley Quinn bel et bien présente dans le film ?

It is now almost sure that the plot of James Gunn will turn to all-new characters and will not resume the same seams as in the first Suicide Squad, missed the notice of all. So if Harley Quinn could come back, this is not to say that the writer and director of Guardians of the Galaxy is going to ask Margot Robbie to take over the role that she is already in the process of finalizing in Birds Of Prey. But now that he has seen the work, it’s difficult to imagine another actress to embody the madness totally out of character. It would be a shame to lose the talent of Margot Robbie on the pretext of a reboot to total the story. Tell us if you agree, but James Gunn should clearly keep these characters (and mention those) ! Case to follow !