Suicide Squad : A flop because of the Justice League ? Enchanting should not be the big villain

Suicide Squad : Un flop à cause de Justice League ? Enchanteresse ne devait pas être le grand vilain

The end of Suicide Squad could have been much different !

The critics agree : The editing of Suicide Squad has led the film to its loss. Mainly depreciated due to an assembly stroke of the trowel, the film would have been different. Because the baseline scenario, which has been entrusted to James Gunn for Suicide Squad 2, was not the one that has been adapted to the screen finally. If fans have found that Enchanting was a poor villain, they will be disappointed to learn that they have just missed the TRUE villain of the story ! The director David Ayer has just unveiled on Twitter his real intentions of starting, in response to a fan. On paper, the Enchantress was under the control of a “mother box”, that is to say a computer is conscious, and Steppenwolf, the dangerous Neo-God, was the big boss. He was preparing an invasion of parademons through a boom tube, a portal of teleportation. Because at the base, the ugly should not be in the Justice League, it was added that in the course of the process, depriving Suicide Squad of his true villain.

Inevitably, a final battle against Steppenwolf, played by Ciaran Hinds in the Justice League, would have been significantly more interesting than the one to which we attended. After all, the guy has still managed to survive Doomsday ! While see the Enchantress farting a job and be put on the mat for a history of heart wasn’t the suspense, the more exciting than the world of super-hero has ever known. And given the very good performances of the actors in the film – one thinks in particular of Margot Robbie perfect Harley Quinn – a best-case scenario for him would probably have given a different outcome. But it may be that the mounting of eager would have just as many ruined the efforts of Steppenwolf… let’s just Hope that the writers redouble their imagination to the script of Suicide Squad 2. We know that it is hard to believe, but we still found 6 good reasons to be hypés by this suite !