Supernatural season 14 : Sam and Michael compete in a new video promo of the upcoming episodes !

A few weeks ago of the return of Supernatural, check out a new promo video for the season 14…

This is a new test that expects the brothers Winchester… and not least ! In the season 14 of Supernatural, Sam will do anything to save the world – and especially his brother – in-law of Michael. If you’re a fan of Dean Winchester, he’s going to have to take your evil in patience, as a large part of the season will be without him, since, you remember, Michael has taken possession of his body. A true challenge for the performer Jensen Ackles, but also for the screenwriters, who are accustomed to rest on the pillar of the series : the duo Dean & Sam. It is, therefore, a season 14 particularly innovative and original that is waiting for us !

Supernatural saison 14 : Sam et Michael s'affrontent dans une nouvelle vidéo promo des prochains épisodes !

Sam will he be able to save Dean ?

As you can see on the new screenshots of this new trailer, Sam will do everything to find a solution and get rid of Michael without killing his brother. A view that will not share Castiel, determined to stop the archangel, regardless of the price… As for Michael, he will be busy to meet with Sister Jo and become familiar with Hell. No doubt, the Big Bad of this season 14 of Supernatural could take very quickly quite at home in this new universe. For the rest, don’t miss the Season Premiere on October 11, next on the CW !