Surge in cases of the COVID-19 in the United States

Flambée des cas de la COVID-19 aux États-Unis

Flambée des cas de la COVID-19 aux États-Unis

A passenger waiting for his train wearing a mask, N95, Union Station Los Angeles, Monday.


July 6, 2020 21h57

Updated at 23h22


Surge in cases of the COVID-19 in the United States

Agence France-Presse

WASHINGTON — concern in the face of the pandemic was spreading ever Monday in the United States, where the bar of the 130 000 people dead of the COVID-19 has been exceeded, and the international scientific alertaient on the possible transmission of the sars coronavirus in the air.

The virus has officially made more than 130 240 deaths in the country, which continues to break records of contamination (nearly 55,000 in one day Monday).

“We’ve reopened far too early in Arizona,” said the mayor of Phoenix, Kate Gallego.

President Donald Trump, however, continues to assert that the crisis is “on the verge” of being completed, attracting the ire among others, the mayor, democrat of Austin, Texas, Steve Adler, who described his remarks as “dangerous,” for the inhabitants of his city, including the intensive care units are likely to be overwhelmed “within 10 days”.

More than 230 international scientists have also alerted on “the air-borne transmission of the COVID-19”, that is, the suspension of viral particles in the air, and not only by the projection of droplets (by coughing, sneezing and speaking) on the face of other people or surfaces.

They therefore recommended a breakdown strength of public spaces.

In Paris, the Louvre reopened its doors after more than three months of closure.

The most visited museum in the world, which contains treasures such as the mona lisa or the Venus de Milo, is available upon reservation to avoid the crowds before the disease, with tour slots of 500 people every half hour.

“I was greatly missed. I come usually twice a month,” says Julia Campbell, retired French of scottish origin. “I’ll take the opportunity to stay longer”, gliding her passion for archaeology.

The device has been studied extensively in order to avoid any incident health and logistics teams are confident, because the place is very spacious.

“Concern” in Catalonia

The number of infections has also experienced a flare up in India, which announced on Monday it had documented a total of almost 700 000 cases of the COVID-19, which makes it the third nation most affected behind the United States and Brazil. The human toll is, however, much lower, with 19 693 deaths.

The spread of the virus is particularly virulent in the cities of Mumbai, Delhi and Chennai.

To cope with the influx of patients, the indian capital has opened a centre of isolation of a capacity of 10 000 beds, some cardboard, in a hall usually dedicated to religious gatherings, and commandeered the hotels and reception halls. Other cities have ordered measures of reconfinement.

The trend is also worrying in several countries in Latin America. Chile has crossed the threshold of 10 000 dead and the British one of the 4000 dead.

And the minister of bolivia to the Health Eidy Roca has been hospitalized for complications due to the COVID-19″.

In the Face of an outbreak of infections in the city of Melbourne, Australia decided to isolate the State of Victoria of the rest of the country. And the reconfinement is from Monday to Antananarivo, Madagascar’s capital city, two months after the lifting of restrictions.

Europe, where the evolution of the pandemic seems to be under control, is worried about an outbreak of cases, leading to the establishment of new local restrictions.

On Monday, Kosovo has decided to re-introduce a curfew in the capital Pristina and three other cities.

In Spain, the health authorities say they are “very concerned” by the resumption of the epidemic in a region of 200 000 inhabitants in Catalonia, subjected to measures of isolation Saturday, similar to the other coastal region in Galicia.

Some foci of infections in Spain “have reached levels well beyond that which is desirable”, said the epidemiologist-in-chief of the Health ministry, Fernando Simon.

Bali wants to reopen to tourists

In Indonesia, a country of South-East Asia which has experienced the most heavy balance sheet (65,000 people infected and 3241 dead), the island of Bali wants to re-open in September to international tourists.

“We must continue to make every effort to manage the COVID-19, and at the same time to resume our activities for the good of the community,” said the governor of Bali Wayan Koster.

Other country dependent of tourism, the Kenya will resume its international flights and national on the 1st August.

Greece, who had received (2019) approximately 3.5 million british tourists, she announced Monday the return of direct flights from the United Kingdom on July 15, despite the criticism, the country of Boris Johnson wiping the heavier balance sheet in europe and the third in the world.

The fashion world is also looking to adapt: Paris Fashion week opened on Monday for the first time in its history without a parade. Each house will unveil its collection in a video released for his niche.

The new coronavirus has killed at least 536 138 deaths in the world since the end of December, according to a report drawn up by the AFP on Monday.

The list of potential drugs, it is always reduced a bit more: after the hydroxychloroquine, clinical trials by european Solidarity and Discovery have also abandoned the treatment and lopinavir/ritonavir, was deemed ineffective and suspected adverse effects.



Flambée des cas de la COVID-19 aux États-Unis

An activist shows a poster demanding the departure of the president of the brazilian Jair Bolsonaro who accusing him of being at the origin of a “genocide” that killed 60 000 people. The president announced on Monday that it will submit to a test screening of the COVID-19 on Tuesday.

AP, Eradlo Peres

The president of the brazilian Jair Bolsonaro announced Monday, CNN’s Brazil that he had some symptoms of the novel coronavirus and that it was subjected to a test whose results will be known Tuesday.

According to the tv channel, the president who is very sceptical about the pandemic of COVID-19, said one of its journalists that he had some symptoms of the coronavirus, including 38 °C of fever, and a chest x-ray had been performed at the hospital of the armed forces.

In a video recorded by one of his supporters, with whom he often refers to the gates of his official residence in Brasilia, the president, wearing a white mask, said he had just returned from the hospital, where he had made a “ray”.

“The lung is own, okay? I’m going to do a test COVID in a little while, but everything is going well”, he said after being informed that he could not approach too close to its supporters.

According to brazilian media, the results of the tests will be known on Tuesday.

Without a mask

Since the beginning of the pandemic, Jair Bolsonaro, 65 years, has minimized the disease and participated in several public events without wearing a mask, while criticizing the isolation measures implemented in several member States.

On Saturday, he posted pictures on the social networks on which it is face to face, in the company of several ministers and of the american ambassador in Brasilia, during a reception on the occasion of the national holiday of the United States.

On Monday, he vetoed two articles of the law on the use of masks in public places to prevent the spread of the pandemic in Brazil.

Brazil has registered 620 people dead in 24 hours on Sunday. So far, São Paulo reopens its bars and restaurants, and the port of the mask is no longer mandatory in overcrowded prisons. AFP

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